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Media post: 69 – The big ride: How to prep for your next big motorcycle tour

Once upon a time the thought of jumping on your motorcycle and going touring around the world was something that was only really open to the real enthusiasts. Now, as long as you have been riding for a short while, the world is your oyster when it comes to such tours.

Of course, this is anything but the typical ride out on your bike. It is here where a whole host of considerations enter the picture, whether you are prepping for a motorcycle tour in Peru, or somewhere a little closer to home. In other words, the principles remain the same.

Bearing this in mind, let’s now take a look at some of the ways you can prepare for your big tour on your bike.

Your choice of motorcycle matters

First and foremost, just because you have a motorcycle, it doesn’t mean to say that you are ready to venture off on your travels. When it comes to these long-distance rides, unfortunately not all bikes are created equally.

For example, if you were to opt for a sport motorcycle, you will be set for an uncomfortable ride. Due to the fact that these are designed for maximum speed, it means that you will be slouched forward for much of the ride.

Unsurprisingly, touring bikes will be the most suitable type. They place you in a more upright position, while they also have plenty of luggage space which is obviously very important.

There are of course plenty of other types of motorcycles, but the point we are trying to make is that your choice does matter here and you should research accordingly.

Your engine size isn’t just for speed

Following on from the previous point, you need to make sure that your engine size is suitable as well. Use your motorcycle for a daily commute? If it’s around the 250cc range, this is unlikely to be able to withstand the effects of your long-haul travel.

Instead, something over 750cc should be preferred. Not only do these have the speed benefits, but the extra power means that they will be comfortably able to carry additional weight for your trip.

Don’t shortcut on maintenance

While it can sometimes be tempting to save money and skip certain maintenance tasks, this really isn’t an option when it comes to your tour abroad. In short, this is asking for trouble, and when you are stuck thousands of miles from home with a broken-down bike, it’s safe to say that you’ll be regretting the choice.

This is one occasion where you must ensure your bike is all in order, and not try and cut costs in any shape or form.

Consider specialized accessories

At times, it can be easy to discount specialized accessories and you probably have every reason to. After all, most of these accessories aren’t necessary for “standard” use of your motorcycle.

As soon as you venture out of your comfort zone, you might need all the help you can find though. This could range from anything to heated grips, if you are traveling around a particularly cold country, right the way to a backrest and padded seats. The last two are ones that are pretty much a worldwide suggestion; they will make the world of difference regardless of where you travel to.

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