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Media post: 10 Best-selling Car Models Throughout History

Here is the ranking of absolute bestsellers of the automobile world. In this rating, all the sales of different models’ generations are taken into account. There are completely different cars in this list but still many of them have certain features in common.

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First of all, almost every “bestselling” model has been sold all over the world. And they still are. Some of them even get assembled and released on different continents at once.

Second, most of these models appeared back in 1970s: when fuel prices in Europe were not as high as they are nowadays, and when the serous fuel crisis happened in the USA making Americans interested in compact car models. But what is the main point is that most models shown on the list were maximally appropriate to the user’s demands of their time. And some of them still are wanted.

Toyota Corolla (since 1966)

Sales: more than 37 million cars.

Average price: nearly $16 000.

Toyota Corolla model that earned the image of a cheap and economic car, survived 10 generation changes: the Japanese company nowadays sales the 11th version of this sedan. At first, this car became popular across its homeland due to compact sizes and low fuel consumption levels. Later, these qualities helped it to earn good positions on the US market, and at the end of 2000s the Japanese sedan conquered Europe and countries of the former USSR. In Russia, Corolla became the most widespread imported car of the year 2009. In USA, the model is stably present in top 10 bestselling car models.

Ford F-Series (since 1948)

Sales: more than 35 million cars.

Average price: nearly $23 000.

The Ford F-Series family was holding the title of the most popular pickup truck in the USA for more than 35 years. And 30 of them were years of absolute domination. Nobody could prevent Ford’s success: competitors as Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra or Dodge Ram or growing fuel prices were unable to break the rise of this model. According to experts, the popularity of this model is explained by its universality (both farmers and city inhabitants like pickup trucks in USA) and by the wide range of modifications and engines for any wallet: the most affordable F-Series truck can be bought for 23-25 thousand dollars, while prices for top equipped variants can reach 60 to 63 thousand dollars.

Volkswagen Golf (since 1974)

Sales: more than 27,5 million cars.

Average price: nearly $18 000.

The model was previously thought to become a descendant of the cult VW Beetle became at least as popular as the Beetle itself and gave a name to the whole class of cars. Its title – Golf (which was the trademark in Europe) – the car received after the Atlantic warm stream: Gulfstream. In USA and Canada, this model appeared almost at once after the European premiere, but the trademark was different (Rabbit). In South America, the new car was renamed into VW Cariba. It was the Golf which became one of key products of Volkswagen concern and helped the German car manufacturer to enter the top-3 world’s biggest auto-giants. VW Golf still remains the main European bestseller, even in its sixths generation!

Volkswagen Beetle (since 1933)

Sales: more than 23 million cars.

Average price: nearly $20 000.

VW Beetle became the first Volkswagen: “the people’s car” developed while taking into account needs of an average German family in 1930’s. The car designed by Ferdinand Porsche got the unusual rear-engine configuration, but its interesting design and low fuel consumption of a “baby” capable of carrying two adults and two children, made this newcomer an attractive purchase. Later, same qualities helped Beetle to conquer USA and the Latin America where Beetle was released till recent times.

Ford Escort (1968 – 2000)

Sales: more than 20 million cars.

Average price: $12 000.

A compact car (for Americans) Ford Escort was created for the European market: the history of this model started with a debut in England. It was an answer for European manufacturers and their small models of Volkswagen, Fiat and Renault. As a result, a car became very simple and cheap to maintain, so it gained popularity quickly. In 1981, Ford decided to introduce Escort to the home market, but it couldn’t repeat its European success even despite the brand is “native” for Americans and the model had an economic engine which was an advantage at that time. Escort went through five generation changes until was pushed away by its descendant – Ford Focus.

Honda Civic (since 1972)

Sales: more than 18 million cars.

Average price: nearly $16 000.

Begore Civic appeared, the Honda company was mostly known as the motorcycle manufacturer. Nowadays, Honda Civic is one of the most popular car models in the USA. The Japanese manufacturer tried to make all 9 generations of this model cheap (at least for the US), attractive and maximally economic: they release even a Civic with the hybrid engine for the United States market. Civic had an average demand in Europe, although this did not prevent Honda from starting its production in the UK. In 2011, Civic got away from the list of top 10 bestselling cars of the USA.

Honda Accord (since 1976)

Sales: mare than 17 million cars.

Average price: nearly $22 000.

The history of a middle-sized Honda Accord sedan started from the Japanese market, but the real popularity expected this model in the USA. It appeared on the market exactly when fuel prices began to grow. The American market full of big engines needed a more fuel-efficient model. So, the Accord with the 2l engine became the very first Japanese car model produced and assembled in the USA. Nowadays, the American sedan has not many things in common with its European or Japanese brothers.

Ford Model T (1908 – 1927)

Sales: more than 16 million cars

Average price: $ 260 (of 1920’s).

The Ford Model T became the very first really massive car of the world, and this only fact already makes it the legend. But its achievements are not limited to that:16 million exemplars of Ford T were sold out in times when cars were not things affordable for every American family. The main reason of a crazy popularity was the price which was really cheap for its time: Henry Ford was able to keep it thanks to conveyor assembling process. Additionally, Ford was the first to introduce new car trading principles and created a wide network of dealers in Europe and America.

Volkswagen Passat (since 1973)

Sales: more than 15,5 million cars.

Average price: nearly $20 000.

The Volkswagen Passat sedan is famous for not having anything that makes it special. It does not have a noticeable appearance. It has a good and a high-quality interior and a quite wide choice of engines, transmission and equipment packs. But the Passat is a 100% respected and recognized car in any country of the world. That is why it is stably wanted in the USA, in Europe, and of course in China. Though, it fell behind a younger Honda Accord in this list. The Passat is the only business sedan of a European top 10.

Chevrolet Impala (since 1958)

Sales: more than 14 million cars.

Average price: nearly $26 000.

At first, Impala appeared as a two-doored coupe roadster, and it became a good alternative to classic sport cars thanks to a V8 engine in it. Still, the history belongs to a much more prosaic Impala with 4 doors that appeared in the beginning of 1960s. The sedan was created to attract new, family clients, who had a critical demand about two back doors to be installed. As a result, the roadster stayed on a conveyor only till 1976 and the coupe model – till 1985. But the sedan is still on sale. In 2014, the tenth generation of Chevrolet Impala was introduced.

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