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South Korea August 2018: Hyundai Santa Fe marks 6 months at #1

Hyundai Santa Fe

This post has been updated with the Top 85 foreign models.

The South Korean new car market gains a relatively solid 5.2% year-on-year in August to 145.542 units, once again helped by very healthy sales by foreign manufacturers up 9.5% to 13.2% share while local marques advance slower at +4.5% to 126.336. The picture isn’t as stark as YTD though where local brands actually drop -0.6% to 1.022.366 and it’s foreigners up 16.7% to 180.133 that are solely responsible for the market 1.6% uptick to 1.202.499 units. Hyundai (+1%) continues to underperform due to the transfer of some Hyundai Genesis sales into the Genesis brand but remains at an ultra-dominant 37.4% share vs. 36% so far in 2018. Sister brand Kia (+8%) fares better at 30.4% vs. 29.8% as does Ssangyong (+10%) bolstered by a handful of reimagined nameplates.

Renault Samsung (+2%) posts its first year-on-year gain in 13 months (since July 2017) after falling by the double-digits during 10 of the past 12 months, at its worst at -46% last October. GM Korea (-26%) can’t say the same, enduring an 18th consecutive double-digit drop. Genesis (+358%) is back to #6 overall for the first time since last January, meaning it outsells all luxury foreigners such as Mercedes (-43%), BMW (-42%) and Audi (#9) continuing its recovery alongside VW (#10) after being sidestepped by the Korean government over unlawful emissions. Porsche (+512%), Jaguar (+113%), Land Rover (+76%), Rolls-Royce (+71%), Cadillac (+59%), Volvo (+50%), Honda (+34%) and Ford/Lincoln (+32%) also have a big smile on their faces.

Model-wise, the Hyundai Santa Fe (+121%) is the most popular nameplate at home for the 6th month in a row thanks to the new generation, a feat the nameplate hadn’t managed in almost 15 years and even perhaps ever, as it is unclear how many months the Santa Fe spent at #1 in 2014 which is the only year it ended at #1. However because the previous generation had such low scores during the first two months of 2018, the Santa Fe still isn’t #1 YTD, an honour that still goes to the Hyundai Grandeur (+9%) with a 4.500-unit advantage. The Hyundai Avante (+9%) returns to the podium ahead of the Kia Carnival (+32%) while the remainder of the Top 10 is in negative except the Hyundai Tucson (+0.3%) up 9 spots on July thanks to a mid-cycle facelift. The Hyundai Veloster (+5575%), Kia K9 (+1464%), Chevrolet Bolt (+1032%), Kia Niro (+92%), Ssangyong Korando Sports (+86%), Kia Ray (+76%), Samsung QM6 (+75%), Kia K5 (+47%) and Kia Sportage (+34%) also make waves.

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Full August 2018 Top 30 brands, Top 60 local models and Top 85 models below.

South Korea August 2018 – brands:

4GM Korea7,3915.1%-26%458,8884.9%-37%43
5Renault Samsung7,1084.9%2%555,6304.6%-18%55
10Volkswagen1,8201.3%n/a98,7150.7%n/a10 –
12Land Rover1,3110.9%76%138,6570.7%45%1111
25Maserati1710.1%n/a241,1280.1%n/a25 –
29Lamborghini00.0%n/a –60.0%-73%2928
30Fiat00.0%-100% –00.0%-100%3024
 –Total local manufacturers126,33686.8%4.5% –1,022,36685.0%-0.6% – –
 –Total foreign manufacturers19,20613.2%9.5% –180,13315.0%16.7% – –
 –Total market145,542100.0%5.2% –1,202,499100.0%1.6% – –

South Korea August 2018 – local models:

1Hyundai Santa Fe9,805121%171,451101%210
2Hyundai Grandeur8,9059%275,944-18%11
3Hyundai Avante8,1369%451,461-9%53
4Kia Carnival6,91832%551,7549%47
5Hyundai Porter6,157-6%363,672-8%32
6Hyundai Sonata5,881-8%744,599-19%74
7Kia Morning5,180-13%939,953-17%96
8Kia Sorento4,759-39%646,653-2%65
9Kia Bongo4,700-1%840,210-6%88
10Hyundai Tucson4,1480%1924,996-17%1813
11Hyundai Kona3,994-6%1031,127322%1223
12Kia K53,86547%1231,17424%1118
13Kia Sportage3,78634%1824,755-9%1915
14SsangYong Tivoli3,771-10%1428,095-25%149
15SsangYong Korando Sports3,41286%1326,60278%1524
16Kia K73,30513%1725,285-22%1712
17Chevrolet Spark3,303-18%1623,762-26%2011
18Genesis G802,982-10%2125,547-7%1616
19Samsung QM62,80475%2018,4508%2221
20Kia Niro2,72392%2314,4135%2422
21Kia K32,66823%1530,93071%1320
22Hyundai Grand Starex2,593-23%1131,3300%1014
23Kia Ray2,25376%2219,15051%2125
24Samsung SM61,783-34%2416,000-46%2317
25Chevrolet Malibu1,329-46%259,353-62%2719
26SsangYong G4 Rexton1,328-1%2611,17618%2627
27Kia Stonic1,215-27%2811,688290%2533
28Kia K91,2041464%277,460576%2952
29Genesis G701,138new318,836new2843
30Chevrolet Trax838-39%296,813-40%3126
31Samsung SM574760%306,795117%3237
32Hyundai Veloster6815575%472,4782403%4560
33Chevrolet Volt/Bolt6451032%324,729946%3554
34Hyundai Accent520-30%453,836-19%3936
35Samsung SM3512-36%343,960-16%3838
36Hyundai Ioniq488-59%396,994-8%3029
37Kia Stinger437-39%334,18321%3740
38Samsung QM3436-52%354,186-51%3631
39Samsung SM7417-20%383,067-28%4141
40Kia Mohave414-59%365,882-46%3428
41Genesis EQ900405-59%376,051-31%3330
42Samsung Clio360new432,517new44 –
43Daewoo Labo343-4%412,637-13%4244
44Kia Soul328110%422,19838%4748
45Chevrolet Cruze324-24%463,516-56%4032
46Daewoo Alpheon301-20%402,582-12%4345
47SsangYong Korando C298-46%442,418-58%4635
48Hyundai i30272-37%502,147-32%4942
49SsangYong Korando Turismo246-14%482,092-17%5046
50Kia Carens193-9%491,576-16%5249
51Hyundai Maxcruz157-70%511,651-69%5139
52Chevrolet Eqiunox97new53673new56 –
53Chevrolet Captiva93-7%521,165-20%5350
54Chevrolet Impala91-37%541,054-60%5547
55Samsung Twizy49n/a551,096325%5459
56Hyundai Nexo43new56251new58 –
57Hyundai i4024-4%57132-36%5958
58Chevrolet Aveo17-78%59294-69%5753
59Chevrolet Corvette/Camaro10-74%58129-66%6056
60Kia Pride0-100%602,171-61%4834

South Korea August 2018 – foreign models:

1Mercedes E Class1,616123,90311
2VW Tiguan1,55336,0337 –
3BMW 5 Series1,409219,66322
4Audi A61,02946,744490
5Audi A3701 –70155 –
6Toyota Camry61666,48669
7Ford Explorer55584,797117
8Mini Hatchback493112,5651510
9Mercedes S Class48955,65388
10Honda Accord479101,576246
11Land Rover Discovery Sport460122,9851212
12Nissan Altima422142,9761311
13Audi A43661682251129
14Land Rover Discovery303221,9211933
15Mercedes GLC30075,013913
16Toyota Prius300211,6892020
17VW Passat GT267202,68214 –
18Peugeot 3008264321,6172245
19Jeep Cherokee206311,3113431
20Porsche Panamera201351,3083592
21BMW 3 Series195187,48233
22Lexus NX192979644327
23Toyota RAV4183331,2253625
24Volvo XC90182381,0854052
25Volvo XC60181281,5022835
26Mercedes GLE175371,5962315
27Volvo V40171645396671
28Honda Pilot167508904443
29Range Rover Evoque158391,3363232
30Volvo S901561097375344
31Range Rover Sport153408075237
32Peugeot 50081454686945109
33Mini Countryman143261,5522630
34Jeep Renegade137421,0444128
35Mini Clubman136291,5552526
36Jeep Wrangler134 –8584641
37Toyota Prius C1334368656 –
38Range Rover129456046353
39Mercedes C Class127196,69254
40BMW 4 Series126132,0061619
41Lincoln MKZ125576605859
42Jeep Compass1166218096103
43BMW X3113172,0021736
44Cadillac CT6113664847161
45Jaguar E-Pace1127826887 –
46Jeep Grand Cherokee109368474842
47Range Rover Velar108511,0044276
48Jaguar XE107744067650
49BMW X5106241,4272917
50Jaguar XF103611,1153834
51Lexus RX102547345446
52Ford Mustang93525906464
53Toyota Sienna90766236056
54Porsche Boxster88735296867
55Infiniti Q3087606795754
56Lexus LS865546172111
57Lexus ES8594,849105
58Lexus CT85634467374
59Lincoln MKX84584946969
60BMW 7 Series82301,6262116
61Citroen C4 Cactus80693358266
62Porsche Macan79476126294
63Lincoln Continental77536146165
64BMW X676341,3123324
65Maserati Levante765949270n/a
66Volvo XC40714916798 –
67BMW 6 Series68271,3843070
68Maserati Ghibli657239377n/a
69BMW X165 –6512247
70Volvo S6062231,1633749
71Peugeot 200861794147548
72Mercedes CLA58151,9801821
73Volvo V90567042774105
74Cadillac XT555683727986
75Mercedes GLA47441,3693122
76Citroen C4 Picasso44772479085
77Honda HR-V43103123110113
78BMW 1 Series42251,5252714
79Mercedes A Class39561,1123938
80BMW M5358390116122
81Ford Kuga33713158682
82Infiniti Q5033862219462
83Mini Convertible32753428184
84Lincoln MKC328415010298
85Nissan Maxima30803807863


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