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Yemen January-May 2018: Toyota at 94.1% share, Land Cruiser tops market up 20.3%

The Toyota Land Cruiser holds over 40% of the Yemeni new car market so far in 2018.

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New light vehicle sales are up 20.3% year-on-year over the first five months of 2018 in Yemen to 2.075 registrations despite the extremely challenging internal situation the country is currently facing. It looks like all manufacturers bar Toyota have momentarily stopped distributing cars in Yemen though, with Nissan (-71%), Lexus (-54%) and Land Rover (-34%) all falling below 60 units and BMW ending reporting in the region. Toyota therefore tightens its stranglehold on the Yemeni sales charts from 77.9% share a year ago to 94.1% so far in 2018. The Toyota Land Cruiser soars 42% year-on-year to cement its leadership at a whopping 40.3% share, distancing the Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup (+62%), Hilux (+4%), Prado (+269%) and Fortuner (+250%). The Range Rover (-22%) is the best selling non-toyota at #6 followed by the Nissan Patrol (-73%) at #8 and the Lexus LX (-54%) at #9.

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