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London (UK) First Half 2018: Ford Fiesta holds onto #1, Audi A3 up to #4

The Audi A3 is up to #4 in London. Picture

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One of the most recent market additions on BSCB gets a H1 2018 update thanks to our partnership with SMMT. We labelled it London for easy reading, but the area covered is actually Greater London. New car sales in the area dive 4.3% year-on-year to 47.462 units vs. -3.5% in the UK overall. Toppled by the VW Golf in 2017, the Ford Fiesta is back in charge in London albeit with a thin 62 unit-advantage after 6 months while the Nissan Qashqai rounds up the podium as it was already the case over Q1. Below, the ranking order gets a good shake: the Audi A3 gains two spots to #4 whereas it doesnt rank inside the UK Top 10 over the period, the Mini is also up two vs. Q1 to #5 and the VW Polo is up three to #7. In contrast, the Toyota Yaris is down two to #6 and the Mercedes A-Class is down four to #9.

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Full H1 2018 Top 10 models ranking below.

London (UK) H1 2018 – models:

PosModelH1 2018%UKQ1 2018%PosFY17
1Ford Fiesta1,4963.2%18673.4%12
2VW Golf1,4343.0%27482.9%21
3Nissan Qashqai1,0792.3%46432.5%37
4Audi A31,0542.2%n/a5392.1%64
6Toyota Yaris9552.0%n/a5612.2%410
7VW Polo9372.0%74301.7%106
8Ford Focus8891.9%34611.8%88
9Mercedes A-Class8841.9%95542.2%59
10Mercedes C-Class7271.5%104371.7%93

Source: SMMT

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