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China April 2018 Retail sales: Three sedans on top, Baojun 510 #1 SUV

The Baojun 510 has now topped the Retail SUV charts for 8 of the past 9 months.

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Monthly Retail sales in China are a new, exclusive, update on BSCB we kick started with February data two months ago. Retail sales are dealership sales to end-customers whereas Wholesales are ex-factory sales to dealerships. This new Retail update comes in addition to our Chinese Wholesales monthly coverage we have shared with you every month for the past seven years. It enables a second perspective, perhaps closer to the reality on the ground. Also, the way models are displayed is slightly different, allowing an unprecedented look at previously secretive brands such as Landwind – all models now separated – and new standalone variants such as the Wuling Hongguang S3 SUV and the Haval H6 Coupe.

Volkswagen places seven nameplates in the Top 11.

The different method doesn’t dent Volkswagen’s domination of the Chinese market, with the German manufacturer totalling over 229.000 sales this month (+4%), more than double the amount of any other carmaker. Toyota (+16%) holds onto the 2nd spot ahead of Honda (-10%) up one rank to overtake Geely (+25%) growing by double-digits as per its wholesales results. Nissan (+19%) rounds up the Top 5, distancing Buick (-8%), Baojun (+8%) and Wuling (-4%). If Hyundai wholesales have pepped up frankly, retail sales are still stuck in negative at -5% in April.

The Hongqi H5 makes its first appearance in any Chinese sales ranking.

At #10, Audi (+14%) tops premium brands above Mercedes at #13 (+19%) and BMW at #19 (+14%). Among foreigners, Jaguar (+82%), Skoda (+63%), Volvo (+49%), Mitsubishi (+42%), Cadillac (+26%), Chevrolet (+24%), Isuzu (+19%) and Citroen (+17%) post splendid results but on the other side of the scale, Suzuki (-31%), DS (-29%), Acura (-25%), Ford (-24%), Infiniti (-22%), Jeep (-22%), Luxgen (-19%) and Peugeot (-14%) struggle.

Maxus is up 3-fold on April 2017 thanks partly to the arrival of the D90 SUV.

The list of Chinese brands scoring spectacular gains is long: led by Huasong (+384%), Maxus (+232%), Foton (+208%), Bisu (+106%), Qoros (+81%), Brilliance (+74%), Hongqi (+60%), Roewe (+58%), MG (+51%), BYD (+29%), Venucia (+29%), JMC (+24%) and Zotye (+24%). But the list of Chinese marques sinking by double-digits is longer, a testament of how incredibly competitive the market is. The hardest hit are Great Wall (-77%), Cowin (-60%), Chana (-50%), BAW (-49%), Karry (-46%), Haval (-42%), Soueast (-42%), BAIC (-39%), Borgward (-39%), Haima (-33%), Hawtai (-32%), Lifan (-32%), Foday (-29%), FAW (-25%) and Changhe (-23%). Along with WEY (#37), Lynk & Co (#39) and Traum (#70), five New Energy Chinese brands weren’t here last year: Yudo (#78), Sinogold (#80), Arcfox (#84), Xpeng (#85) and Nio (#86).

The Geely Vision X3 ranks #49 in April.

The models ranking is unusually dominated by three sedans: the Toyota Corolla (+26%) retains the top spot it held last month, and is now followed by the Nissan Sylphy (+23%) up from #4 last month and the VW Lavida (-2%) staying at #3. The Wuling Hongguang (-24%) drops two spots to #2 while its SUV variant, the S3, is counted separately in the retail sales ranking and down 19 ranks on March to #61. The Baojun 510 (+20%) remains the best-selling SUV in the country but also remains the #1 retail model in China thanks to almost 130.000 units in four months. Its main competitor the Haval H6 sinks 36% year-on-year to disappear from the Top 10 at #13, below the Geely Boyue (+7%). Keep in mind retail figures separate the H6 Coupe (#93).

The BYD Song MAX is up to #56

Volkswagen manages a very impressive feat in this month’s retail sales ranking: it places seven nameplates in the Top 11, including all models ranking from #6 to #11: the Santana (+10%), Sagitar (+7%), Tiguan (-10%), Jetta (-11%), Magotan (+14%) and Bora (+22%). Notice also the Roewe i6 up a fantastic 247% year-on-year and 62 spots on March to #24, becoming the second best-selling Chinese sedan below the Geely Emgrand EC7 (#15). The Hyundai Elantra Lingdong (+169%), Audi A4L (+61%), Toyota Camry (+47%), Geely Emgrand GL (+44%), Toyota RAV4 (+39%) and Nissan X-Trail (+37%) also shine in the Top 50.

The end of a fairy tale? Haval retail sales drop 42% in April.

Among recent launches (<12 months), the Baojun 530 confirms its outstanding wholesales debut and dominates at #36 with just under 12.000 sales, followed by the Geely Vision X3 at #49 (+3), BYD Song MAX at #56 (+12), Wuling Hongguang S3 at #61 (-19), Baojun 310W at #65 (-17), Lynk & Co 01 at #71 (+12), GAC Trumpchi GS3 at #91 (+6) and Kia KX Cross at #100 (+6). We welcome three new nameplates in the retail ranking this month: if the Nissan Terra (#362) and DS 7 (#524) have already graced our wholesales data and All-new models focus articles, the Hongqi H5, landing at #448 with 85 sales, is new through and through.

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