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Florida (USA) Full Year 2017: Toyota places 3 models in Top 4

The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling nameplate in Florida…

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Thanks to our partnership with JATO Dynamics, after exploring Full Year 2017 State by State sales in the U.S., we continue on our zoom in on the largest American States. Florida is next as it ranks as the 3rd largest State in the U.S. based on the sales volume of its Top 10 (358.855). This is the first BSCB update dedicated to Florida, the third most populous American State at just under 21 million inhabitants. Tallahassee is the state’s capital but Miami is its biggest city. If our last update Michigan was the only State to have a Top 10 exclusively composed of U.S. nameplates, we have almost the opposite situation in Florida: 8 of the 10 best-sellers in the State are foreign-branded models vs. 9 in 2016. Only 7 States are more foreign-based than Florida with 9 foreign nameplates in the Top 10: the District of Columbia (#1 U.S. Chevrolet Malibu at #10), Rhode Island (Jeep Grand Cherokee $8), Maryland (Ford F-150 #5), Connecticut (Jeep Grand Cherokee #5), Washington (Ford F-150 #3), Oregon (Ford F-150 #3) and Hawaii (Jeep Wrangler #2).

…ahead of the Toyota Camry.

The Toyota Corolla manages a third consecutive year atop the Florida sales charts despite dropping 5% year-on-year to 48.405 sales. It is followed for the third time in a row by the Toyota Camry – leader in 2014, catching up on lost sales thanks to the new generation with a 15% surge that leaves it only 1.000 units below the Corolla by year end. This means Toyota has held the top two spots in Florida for at least four years. The Ford F-150 (+13%) saves the pickups’ honour with a strong third position, distancing the Toyota RAV4 (+39%) and Nissan Rogue (+49%) both climbing up the ladder. Other gainers are the Honda Accord (+19%) and the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 breaking into the Top 10 at #9.

Full Year 2017 Top 10 models ranking vs. Full Year 2016 figures below.

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