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BSCB Exclusive: Your Guide to all 146 Chinese Brands

Our Exclusive Guide to all 146 active Chinese brands is here! It includes car, electric vehicles, pickup, bus and truck manufacturers and is the result of research spanning over two years and multiple investigating trips to China. Nowhere else will you find such a complete and up-to-date compilation of all active Chinese automotive manufacturers. Like it has been the case for this very website, it’s my need for such a list and its absence anywhere online that have triggered this endeavour. A very simple way to take stock of how much the Chinese brands list has grown over the years is this: there are probably just as many active automotive brands in China than there are in the rest of the world

The largest new vehicle market in the world, China is evolving at lightning speed with a myriad of local brands currently operating. Recently, the allocation of electric car production licenses by the Chinese government has triggered the creation of dozens of new NEV manufacturers and brands – 16 in the past couple of years. In a way, China is now where the USA and Europe markets were in the 1920s with dozens of brands competing for share in booming volumes. There is no doubt the number of Chinese brands will drastically reduce over the next few decades, but for now, with sub-brands becoming brands, brands appearing and disappearing on a monthly basis, it can be a truly confusing maze. No more. Thanks to our Exclusive Guide to all active Chinese brands, the Chinese market won’t have any secrets for you anymore.

This is a live Guide, updated as new information comes about. Since the first version of this guide was published on 5th January 2018, 11 new brands have been added (Aiways, COS, Doda, Jetour, LvChi, ORA, Qingling, SF Motors, Sinogold, Sol and YGM), 1 discontinued (Hafei) and 1 demoted to sub-brand (Exeed). If you have information that would impact this Guide please make sure to share it in the comments below.

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The full Chinese Brands Guide is below.

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