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Andorra Full Year 2017: New passenger car sales up 19.1%

The BMW X2 should be a big success in Andorra in 2018. 

New vehicle sales in Andorra shoot up 18.2% year-on-year in 2017 to 4.552 units. Of these, 3.198 are cars (+19.1%), 830 are motorbikes (+12.9%) and 350 are commercial vehicles (+15.5%). This follows a 13.5% surge in 2016 when 3.852 new vehicles were registered vs. 3.394 in 2015. Petrol-fuelled vehicles are now the best-sellers thanks to a 38.5% year-on-year increase (2.301 vs. 1.661) while diesel vehicles are up just 2.5% (1.922 vs. 1.876). Electric vehicles are up just 21.4% to 102, plug-in hybrids down 37.8% to 51 and hybrids up 33.3% to 60. Although no data by brands has been released, premium German manufacturers have traditionally dominated the Andorran sales charts, such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Volkswagen has also traditionally been strong. Source:


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