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France November 2017: Peugeot 3008/5008 above Renault Clio

The Peugeot 3008 hits its highest ever market share at home this month.

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The French new car market scores a solid 10.3% year-on-year gain in November to 180.012 registrations, partly thanks to one additional selling day (+5.1% annualised), lifting the year-to-date volume up 5.3% to 1.917.383. Although robust, private sales trail the market at +8.2% to 48.7% share vs. 49.7% a year ago, as do company sales up 8%. Long term rentals pull the market up at +22.3% to 24.5% share, up from 23.7% in November 2016. Tactical sales remain (too) strong at 26.2% share vs. 25.9% a year ago, with short term rentals up 12.2% to 7.8%, demo sales up 15.2% and manufacturer self-registrations down 17%. This month petrol sales (86.013 or 47.8%) are once again above diesel sales (84.042 or 46.7%), and the two fuel options are virtually at the same level year-to-date with diesel sales down 4.4% to 910.414 and petrol sales up 14% to 910.142. Petrol sales should snatch a last minute win in 2017 and become the favourite fuel option in France for the first time in four decades. For reference, the share of diesel in annual French sales was 73% in 2012, 67% in 2013, 64% in 2014, 58% in 2015 and 52% in 2016. Note hybrids are up 42.2% this year to 73.105 sales or 3.8% share while electric cars are up 17.2% to 22.184 or 1.2% share.

The Citroen C3 II is now #5 year-to-date in France. Picture

If Renault remains the market leader at 19.1% share, it only edges up 3.2%, sees its private sales fall 4.3% to just 37% of its mix vs. 31% for tactical sales. In November, the true performer is Peugeot: at +24.5%, the French carmaker delivers its largest year-on-year gain since September 2014 (+26%). Perhaps more importantly, Peugeot annihilates Renault in the company sales channels at 13.807 units  vs. 8.912, and also dominates in private sales at 17.5% share vs. 14.5%. Citroen seems to finally benefit from the new C3/C3 Aircross effect: up 10.8% thanks to private sales up 17.4% accounting for over 50% of its November score. It however remains at historically low overall market shares (8.9% in November). Volkswagen (-4.1%) is with Nissan (-1%) and Seat (-15.5%) one of only three carmakers to lose ground in the Top 20, with tactical sales too high at 31% of its mix and private sales at a low 44%. On this channel, the German brand even ranks as low as #6 with with 5.184 units (-18.7%) below Dacia at 7.954 (+37.8%) and Toyota at 5.467 (+25.3%). In the overall ranking, both Dacia (+14.1%) and Toyota (+11.8%) beat the market as do Mercedes (+21.2%) up to #7 above Ford (+16.1%), Opel (+12.6%) and BMW (+14.5%). Tesla (+170.8%), Mazda (+38.9%), Skoda (+35.6%), Suzuki (+30.2%), Mini (+27.3%) and Jeep (+22.7%) also impress.

Skoda sales are up 35.6% in November. Picture

Model-wise, the Renault Clio keeps the lead for the 15th month in a row but trailing the market at +3% to 5.8% share, well above the Peugeot 208 up 22% to 4.8% but #1 with private buyers. But here too the main event must be read between the lines: the Peugeot 3008 is up 76% to break its share record at 4.4%, while its 7-seat variant the 5008 is up 309% to smash its ranking (#15), volume (2.897) and share (1.6%) records. The result: the 3008/5008 tandem hits an all-time high 6% share in November, which would place it in pole position of the French market, 292 units above the Clio! Peugeot even places four nameplates atop the long term rental sales ranking: the 3008 leads the way with a stunning 10.5% share ahead of the 308, 208 and 5008 with 4.6% of total sales, meaning the 3008/5008 tandem holds over 15% of the long term rental market in France this month.

The VW T-Roc lands directly in the French Top 100. 

The Citroen C3 II looks like it is settling in at #4, and leaps up two spots in the YTD order to #5. The Peugeot 2008 (+12%) holds onto its segment lead above the Renault Captur, worryingly down 13% (and at -30% with private buyers). The VW Golf (#12) tops foreign nameplates above the Toyota Yaris (#16) and VW Polo (#18) while the Citroen C3 Aircross lodges a second consecutive month in the Top 20 at #19. Further down, the Ford Kuga is up 89% to #27 and both the Toyota C-HR and Opel Crossland X remain in the Top 50. We welcome the VW T-Roc at #99, the Skoda Karoq at #155 and the Kia Stinger at #191.

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