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Media post: The Chrysler 300 Sedan – A Remarkable Choice

Ah…the Chrysler 300 sedan. What a car! It exudes luxury and has Chrysler’s reputation for quality and fine workmanship written all over it. The 300 is one of the finest sedans in the automotive world. It can compete on any level with all the affluent international brands but comes with an affordable price tag.

This bold automobile with the big Chrysler name provides plenty of power to navigate the highways and through any kind of traffic. It also is one of the smoothest and quietest rides on the planet. The comfort factor goes way beyond ten – on a one to ten scale, of course. And the steering and handling will surprise just about everyone who has ever driven a car.

Believe it or not, some people buy the 300 from Lone Star Chrysler Dodge in San Antonio just to have a comfortable little apartment in their driveway. There is so much room that they have to be cajoled back into their homes so they can interact with their families. The Chrysler 300 has so many pluses that many buyers just never want to leave the cabin. Unfortunately, this is the car that you’ve heard about that has broken up so many families. Once the parents get behind the wheel or sit in the spacious backseat, it’s all over.

Some cities, like San Antonio, for instance, have a trained Chrysler 300 Ejection Team who works with social services and the local police. They have gone through several years of sensitivity training along with psychological reinforced cognitive courses and they work sometimes 17 or 18 hours straight just to get the parents out of the Chrysler 300 and back into their home. It usually always works out the same though. Once the parents leave the car, the kids jump in to see what the attraction was and then the “B” team of ejectors comes in to deal with the adolescents. Once the whole family has been talked down and is back in their house, the car is towed back to the dealership.

Hardly any miles are on the odometer and there is no wear and tear on the car at all. The buyers who fall in love with the car always keep it in pristine condition. So, let this be a warning to you if you plan to purchase a Chrysler 300 – Be careful!

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