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Europe October 2017: Golf, 208 and 3008 shine in market up 5.6%

The Peugeot 3008 is up to a record #14 in Europe. Picture 

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New car sales in Europe (27 markets excluding Russia and Turkey) are up 5.6% year-on-year in October to 1.202.877 registrations, the highest score for the month since 2009 (1.26m). This brings the year-to-date volume up 3.6% to 13.184.592 deliveries after ten months, the highest score at this stage of the year since 2007 (13.62m). The split data by fuel type is rather interesting this month: wiht 619.300 sales, standard petrol vehicles account for 51.5% of the total market vs. 46.4% a year ago while diesel vehicles continue to freefall at 498.500 sales, down 9.9% to a 41.4% share vs. 48.5% in October 2016, its lowest October share in the past ten years. In contrast, alternatively fuelled vehicles are up to 5.5% share thanks to 66.000 sales. Segment-wise, SUVs are up 21.3% to 373.978 sales and 31.1% share while all other main segments are down: small cars are down 0.5% to 239.105, compact cars down 0.4% to 230.166 and medium cars down 3.7% to 96.732.

The VW Golf surges 24% year-on-year, its largest increase in almost four years. 

Unsurprisingly, Volkswagen remains the most popular carmaker in the region but trails the market slightly at +3% to 133.881 sales. The next best-seller on the other hand all gain share: Renault (+15.8%), Ford (+7.1%), Peugeot (+16.7%) and Mercedes (+8.8%) all advance faster than the market. Note Peugeot reclaims the #4 YTD spot off Mercedes this month. Skoda (+10.6%) and Toyota (+21.2%) are the other two double-digit gainers in the Top 10. Further down, notice Jeep (+20.8%), Seat (+21.1%), Dacia (+21.3%), Alfa Romeo (+22.8%), Suzuki (+31.5%), Lamborghini (+55.6%), Aston Martin (+58.9%), Tesla (+99.4%), Lada (+155.2%) and McLaren (+304.8%) all positing spectacular gains. At the other end of the scale, Opel (-2%), Fiat (-4.2%), Nissan (-5.3%) and BMW (-8.9%) are the only brands in negative in the Top 23, with Lancia (-18.4%), DS (-19.6%), Rolls Royce (-23.5%), MG (-24.5%) and Jaguar (-30%) the hardest hit.

The Peugeot 208 hasn’t ranked this high in Europe since May 2013. Picture 

Over in the models ranking, the VW Golf confirms its return in shape, posting a second consecutive double-digit gain and the largest since January 2014 at +24%. Yet its YTD tally remains in negative for now at -3.5%. The Renault Clio is back to the 2nd place it holds year-to-date, up a solid 7.4% this month and distancing the Peugeot 208 up a fantastic 14.8% to sign its first European podium since May 2013. This is only the fifth time the 208 features in the Top 3 after August 2012, October 2012, May 2013 (#3) and December 2012 (#2). The Ford Fiesta (-10.4%) slowly returns to its traditional level now that the new generation is establishing itself, back up 9 spots on September to #4 while the VW Tiguan reclaims the SUV crown off the Nissan Qashqai at #5 vs. #7. Meanwhile the Toyota Yaris (+14.9%) equals its European ranking record at #8 (also hit last July), posting a fourth consecutive month inside the Top 10. The Citroen C3 breaks into the Top 10 for the second time this year after April. It’s the C3’s sixth incursion in the European Top 10, the first one being in June 2010.

The Toyota Yaris ranks at a highest-ever 8th place. 

Outside the Top 10, the Fiat Panda (+10%) and Ford Focus (+21.9%) improve significantly whereas the VW Passat is down 1.5%. The Peugeot 3008, more than doubling its sales year-on-year thanks to the new generation, signs a new ranking record at #14, beating the #17 it hit last July. Other great performing nameplates in the European Top 50 this month include the Dacia Sandero up 22.9%, the Mercedes E-Class up 27.8%, BMW 5 Series up 46.7%, Mercedes GLC up 50.9%, Ford Kuga up 52.9%, Opel Insignia up 65.2% and Renault Scenic up 164.4%. Reversely the Opel Corsa (-18.1%), Audi A3 (-22.6%), BMW 3 Series (-31.4%) and Opel Astra (-32.6%) all struggle. As it has been the case for eight of the past nine months, the Toyota C-HR is the only recent nameplate launch (<12 months) to manage a Top 50 ranking this month, the only other one being the Audi Q2 last August.

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Full October 2017 Top 50 brands and models below.

Europe October 2017 – brands:

22Land Rover12,3312.5%22144,7991.0%2222
27Alfa Romeo6,59322.8%2872,65535.0%2730
43Aston Martin14358.9%422,19582.8%4444

Europe October 2017 – models:


1VW Golf43,67924.0%1400,619-3.5%11
2Renault Clio23,5077.4%3272,5037.8%22
3Peugeot 20821,55614.8%9203,677-3.8%77
4Ford Fiesta20,466-10.4%12216,332-14.6%44
5VW Tiguan19,2773.7%5199,24540.3%818
6Skoda Octavia19,2736.7%8193,6832.5%99
7Nissan Qashqai18,0561.8%2213,0917.6%58
8Toyota Yaris17,49514.9%10167,5572.7%1514
9Renault Captur17,05110.0%13172,660-3.3%1310
10Citroen C316,99640.1%20176,29159.6%1233
11Fiat Panda16,50610.0%22162,8020.8%1715
12Ford Focus16,28321.9%6181,9400.8%1111
13VW Passat15,764-1.5%19153,400-11.4%1912
14Peugeot 300815,434102.0%28138,418149.1%2565
15Opel/Vauxhall Corsa14,625-18.1%4205,546-9.6%65
16Skoda Fabia14,0210.2%16151,3932.6%2121
17Peugeot 200813,849-1.5%29153,1593.0%2020
18Opel/Vauxhall Astra13,759-32.6%21190,415-8.9%106
19Dacia Sandero13,63122.9%24165,50014.8%1622
20Fiat 50013,4793.5%11167,6095.9%1417
21Renault Mégane13,2455.7%31138,56822.4%2426
22VW Polo13,115-40.9%7240,738-7.0%33
23Audi A312,571-22.6%17143,125-12.2%2316
24Ford Kuga12,52452.9%27127,06622.4%2838
25Hyundai Tucson12,4892.5%26128,340-2.7%2725
26Seat Leon12,48816.0%46124,1740.7%3028
27Peugeot 30812,029-13.5%39136,010-19.1%2613
28Mercedes C Class11,967-6.3%14153,4683.9%1819
29Audi A411,782-3.2%32124,226-12.0%2924
30Mercedes A Class11,6401.8%18122,2372.2%3129
31Dacia Duster11,56512.8%40118,4932.9%3230
32Mercedes E Class10,53027.8%33108,89932.3%3643
33Opel/Vauxhall Mokka X10,203-7.5%15148,8427.8%2223
34Mercedes GLC10,00750.9%3592,81657.6%4469
35Kia Sportage9,771-4.9%36112,591-6.9%3431
37BMW X19,53815.6%3797,61225.0%4147
38Toyota Auris9,4283.7%4497,980-10.2%4035
39Seat Ibiza9,32713.7%47100,613-2.7%3937
40Renault Scénic9,184164.4%5485,79728.4%4860
41BMW 1 Series9,028-14.6%25111,0723.0%3534
42VW Touran8,93011.4%5591,976-4.4%4539
43Renault Kadjar8,7548.3%5393,175-11.6%4336
44VW Up!8,74313.3%4384,9192.7%5046
45BMW 5 Series8,70146.7%3091,12536.0%4659
46Opel/Vauxhall Insignia8,05065.2%4858,054-9.2%7568
47Volvo XC607,8681.8%4284,97428.9%4956
48BMW 3 Series7,686-31.4%38108,589-9.6%3727
49Hyundai i207,659-6.4%5187,2325.4%4744
50Toyota C-HR7,519new4994,516new42220

Source: JATO Dynamics

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  1. Nissan Micra unable to break into top 50. Bad news for Renault Flins plant (Paris). No wonder though. I drove it and it félt much cheaper than an older peugeot 208. Such a waste from Renault Nissan.

    1. Rickm : Nice to see the Scenic up indeed. But what a low comparison base. Nice car, weak sales. I dont know where the problem is but there is one ?

    2. Jan. / Nov. the Micra sold 75.000x.
      This is +37.5% compared to 2016.

      The Juke, that veteran little cross-over with quirky looks, sold a little better, 82k.
      Guess the drop of UK sales will cost the Micra 10k sales annually.
      For some odd reason (and local production) the Juke even reached the UK top 10 earlier in 2017.

      1. Ball-park figure to indicate the intro of the Micra coincided with the emerging Brexit woes. In case the Micra was introduced in 2015, when the UK market grew >10%, the reception maybe would have resulted in ca 1000 more sales p/m compared to 2017.

    3. “it félt much cheaper than the 208”? That’s a lot of praise for the Peugeot! 😉
      No car is perfect, but I haven’t read the new Micra feels cheap inside (if that’s what you mean). Quite the opposite.

      1. Indeed cheap was not the good word. Let’s say it was less comfy to drive than an older 208, the wheels and the car moved less smoothly, and it didn’t feel as if the Micra was really five years younger than the old Peug’. (and I know I can just compare between these too because i have not driven any other city car recently^^). Bests

  2. * Golf’s October 43k got a big boost from Germany’s 21k and UK’s 5.5k.

    * The Clio, 208 and Yaris prove to be very consistent sellers.

    * Mid sized SUV steal the show: Tiguan, QQ, 3008, Tuscon. Benze GLC too.

    * Wonder to what extend the drop of Astra and Corsa can be attributed to PSA’s policy that ‘dumping’ cars – as Opel/Vauxhall used to practice more than others – is a “no go”.

    * Personal note: nice to see Scenic sales up 164%. Such a good looking car.

    * It’s interesting to monitor LEAF sales in 2018. Will this be the EV sales ‘game-changer’?

    1. 1. Well done Scenic, pretties mid-MPV.
      2. Dieselgate is over, we have all forgotten/forgiven. Looks like VW’s policy of doing nothing was the most convenient.

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