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Canada October 2017: General Motors shoots up 26.5%, market up 6.3%

The Chevrolet Silverado is up 59% year-on-year in Canada in October.

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The first 2 million sales annual result in the history of automobile in Canada is now almost certain: October sales push up another 6.3% to 164.643, lifting the year-to-date volume up 5.6% or 93.000 units to a record 1.760.162 in ten months. According to local consultancy Desrosiers which has a slightly lower sales total due to the exclusion of a handful of luxury brands, light trucks continue on their fantastic run, up another 13.6% to 115.417 or 67.9% share vs. 65.4% year-to-date whereas passenger cars are down a harsh 7.9% to just 48.797 units or 32.1% share vs. 34.6% so far in 2017. General Motors is doing a lot of the heavy lifting in Canada this month with a stunning 26.5% year-on-year improvement to 16.3% share vs. 14.7% so far this year. GM outsells Ford Motor (-2%) by almost 6.000 sales and is on track to eclipse the 300.000 annual sales mark for the first time since 2008. GM could even tease Ford Motor for the annual pole position by year end if it continues at this rate. GM’s success this month has everything to do with light trucks, up 44% while its passenger cars plunge 20%. Ford cars dropped an even harsher 39%…

The Tiguan (+94%) helps Volkswagen sales up 31.5%. Picture 

Toyota Motor holds onto the third spot with sales up 8.9% to 11.9% share above Honda Motor up 2% to 10.7%, FCA down 11.9% to 10.5% and Hyundai-Kia up 1.4% to 9.8%. Nissan Motor (+9.5%), Volkswagen Group (+24.3%), Daimler (+11.1%), Volvo (+57.7%) and Tesla (+44.6%) all outpace the market. Brand-wise, Ford drops 1.2% above Toyota (+9.5%) and Honda (+2.4%) while Chevrolet shoots up 20.9% and Nissan up 13.1%. GMC (+35.4%) and Volkswagen (+31.5%) post the largest year-on-year gains in the Top 10. Beyond, Audi (+11.3%), Mercedes (+11.8%), Land Rover (+12.1%), Rolls-Royce (+14.3%), Buick (+29.2%), Cadillac (+30.5%) and Alfa Romeo (+1136.4%) shine but Infiniti (-17.1%), Jeep (-23%), Lincoln (-28.1%), Smart (-29.1%), Chrysler (-30.6%), Bentley (-46.4%) and Fiat (-87.3%!) all struggle.

The Hyundai Tucson is up 70% year-on-year in October in Canada.

In the models ranking, the Ford F-Series advances a stunning 25% year-on-year to post a new October record at 10.591 sales, the Honda Civic (-8%) snaps the 2nd place off the Ram Pickup (-3%) while below the Honda CR-V (+18%), GMC Sierra (+33%), Chevrolet Silverado (+59%) and Toyota RAV4 (+11%) all frankly beat the market. The Hyundai Elantra (+23%), Tucson (+70%), VW Golf (+35%), VW Tiguan (+94%) and Jeep Wrangler (+44%) also impress inside the Top 20. Below, the Mazda CX-3 (+49%), Buick Encore (+63%), BMW X5 (+79%), Honda Pilot (+78%) post the largest year-on-year gains in the remainder of the Top 50. The Nissan Qashqai (#32) easily tops recent launches above the VW Atlas (#67), Toyota C-HR (#85) and Chevrolet Bolt (#111).

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