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China LCV July 2017: Market down 18% but pickups up 9%

The China-made Nissan Navara is now the #7 pickup in China.

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Thanks to our partnership with Chinese consultancy outlet Cedars, we can share with you today July LCV data for China. This month the overall LCV market is down a harsh 18% year-on-year to 87.700 units, leading to a year-to-date tally down 5% to 902.922 sales. Pickup trucks continue to rally back with a 9% gain in July to 28.228 units and a 13% surge year-to-date to 221.123 units. The oddity this month is the freefalling of Mini Trucks (aka Mini Pickups) down 22% to 43.060 but still up 8% year-to-date to 366.230. Meanwhile minivans continue to fall into oblivion at -33% to 25.713 units and -23% to 315.569 registrations year-to-date.

The Wuling Mini Truck and Hongguang V remain the most popular LCVs in China this month despite drops of -25% and 27% respectively. The Great Wall Wingle 5 (+7%) shoots up to third place overall ahead of the Dongfeng K-Series Mini Truck (+42%) while the Jinbei Mini Truck (+121%) reappears in the ranking after over a year of non-reporting by Brilliance. The victims of the month are the Chana Star Mini Truck (-47%) dropping from #3 in June to #89, the Chana Star Minibus (-63%) dropping from #4 to #16 and the Wuling Sunshine (-72%) dropping from #5 to #15. Great performers include the Dongfeng C-Series Minivan (+72%), Huanghai N2-Series Pickup (+40%) and Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai (+156%). Launched last month, the China-made Nissan Navara gains three spots in the Pickup ranking to hit #7 and climbs to #18 overall.

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One year ago: China LCV July 2016: Pickups up 26%, Mini Trucks up 12% in market down 11%

Full July 2017 Top 45 models ranking table below.

China LCV July 2017 – models:

1Wuling Mini TruckMini Truck15,130-25%1154,77114%11
2Wuling Hongguang VMinivan11,207-27%2110,702-3%23
3Great Wall Wingle 5Pickup6,3227%748,5174%710
4Dongfeng K Series Mini TruckMini Truck5,84542%649,76518%613
5Wuling RongguangMinivan5,213-7%847,977-39%86
6Foton Mini TruckMini Truck3,343-46%939,932-12%917
7Jinbei Mini TruckMini Truck3,318121%n/a21,692126%1165
8ZX Auto Grand TigerPickup2,98028%1218,9920%1322
9Chana Star Mini TruckMini Truck2,972-47%364,13311%39
10JMC BaodianPickup2,5171%1022,248-16%1020
11Dongfeng K Series MinivanMinivan2,281-28%1119,689-11%1221
12JAC PickupPickup2,1889%1615,25031%1528
13Great Wall Wingle 6Pickup2,09817%1417,15126%1425
14Dongfeng C Series MinivanMinivan1,96572%188,85724%2333
15Wuling SunshineMinivan1,704-72%554,660-42%45
16Chana Star MinibusMinivan1,590-63%453,028-9%515
17Huanghai N2-SeriesPickup1,53540%1911,73534%1934
18Nissan NavaraPickup1,315new212,636new35 –
19Donfgeng RichPickup1,265-50%2310,646-37%2023
20Jiangxi Isuzu RuimaiPickup1,248156%209,559131%2237
21Shandong Kiama Mini TruckMini Truck1,142-20%1713,06848%1832
22Changhe Mini TruckMini Truck1,00432%228,06016%2538
23JMC YuhuPickup970-26%1314,226135%1627
24Foton Sup/TunlandPickup760-39%1513,79837%1730
25Maxus T60Pickup703new273,777new29 –
26Jiangxi Isuzu D-MaxPickup70185%264,86742%2744
27JMC Qi Ling T7Pickup53440%343,478-15%3043
28Chana Shenqi F-SeriesPickup520-45%256,10425%2641
29Huanghai N1-SeriesPickup47734%303,047-18%3345
30FAW Jilin V80Minivan464280%37772-37%4152
31Chery Mini TruckMini Truck445-51%332,701-71%3431
32FAW Jilin Mini TruckMini Truck430-15%291,547-66%3940
33Foton Gratour VMinivan429-18%323,8533%2846
34JMC Qi Ling T5Pickup416-3%362,0163%3748
35FQT Motor M70Minivan3233489%242,41086%3651
36FAW Jilin V52Minivan300-42%35924-82%4039
37Sichuan Modern Mini TruckMini Truck130-93%2810,440-34%2124
38Wuling Sunshine VMinivan129new318,108new2447
39Dongfeng XintianyouPickup113-14%40414-67%4357
40Chery YouyouMinivan108-8%39674-55%4256
41Leopaard CT7Pickup71new381,707new3861
42BAW PickupPickup61154%42409-64%4453
43FAW-GM Kun ChengPickup49n/a432173517%4572
44Zhengzhou Nissan D22Pickup0-100%413,202-40%3236
45Beijing Auto Weiwang 306Minivan0-100%443,247-80%3126

Source: Cedars

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