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China June 2017: Exclusive imported models data now available

Lincoln sells almost as many Continental in China as it does in the U.S. 

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Correction: Hybrid sales are now added to totals, making the Lexus ES the #1 import.

After a 1.5 year-hiatus, very rare imported models data for China is now available for the month of June 2017. BSCB is working on bringing you both Full Year 2016 and H1 2017 data in the briefest delays, so stay tuned for more info. Chinese imports sales data is a very secretive part of the worldwide market representing over one million annual units (1.007.088 over the Full Year 2015). As it was the case for the Full Year 2015 data, no media outside of China has reported on these figures yet, and BSCB is the first to do so, in line with our pledge to improve coverage of the Chinese market.

The BMW X5 is the 2nd most popular import in China. Picture

In June, the Top 100 best-selling imported models in China total 88.830 units which would indicate a total imports around 93.000 units for the month, confirming imports in 2017 will remain well above the one million mark despite the number of mass manufacturers not producing locally reducing each year: Renault, Acura, Land Rover, Jeep and Jaguar being some of the latest ones to inaugurate local production over the past couple of years. Comparing the June 2017 data to the FY2015 is a little far-fetched but this is all the comparison set we have for now.

The Porsche Macan is the 6th best-selling import in China in June. 

The Lexus ES (#4 in 2015) becomes the most popular import in the country, bettering its U.S. sales score and edging out the BMW X5, #1 in 2015 while in third place we have the Mercedes GLE which was only launched in late 2015. The BMW X3, Lexus RX, Porsche Macan and Cayenne round up the Top 7. In fact, the 14 best-selling imported models in China in June are all from premium brands with notably the BMW 7 Series at #9, Lexus NX at #10, Range Rover Sport at #11 and Mercedes S-Class at #12. The Toyota Land Cruiser (#15) and Nissan Patrol (#16) are the first “non-premium” models although they could both be considered premium given their price. The Subaru Forester could then nab that title at #17 overall. Subaru and Lexus are the last two large manufacturers not producing locally in China.

The Tesla Model X ranks inside the 20 best-selling imports in China in June. Picture

The most successful newcomer since the last sales data we had in FY2015 is, surprisingly, the Tesla Model X landing directly at #18 (the Model S is much lower at #33). The Jaguar F-Pace is the only other new intruder close to the Top 30, ranking at #31. Lincoln is showing it is making its mark on the Chinese market: on top of the MKC at #20 (#45 in 2015), the MKX at #29 (#118 in 2015) and the MKZ at #37 (#77 in 2015), the all-new Continental lurks at an outstanding 34th place, selling almost as much as it did in the U.S. during the same month… Notice also the Alfa Romeo Giulia (#65), Kia Niro (#93) and Maserati Levante (#102) on top of a couple of Mercedes SUVs yet to be produced locally.

The Ford F-150 has officially landed in China. 

Last but not least, this June 2017 ranking is bringing to life the new trend by U.S. manufacturers to try and leverage the love of large American pickup trucks I witnessed in every single rural city in the country (See Chinese Photo Reports in the Special China tab, the 2016 Photo Reports are here). Instead of counting on private importers that priced the pickups out of most Chinese customers’ means, Ford, Ram and Toyota are now officially importing them into China. And this ranking proves it, with the F-150 landing at #73 in June, the Ram Pickup at #94 and the Toyota Tundra at #99.

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Full June 2017 Top 110 imported models Ranking Table below.

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