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Media post: To Fiat or not to Fiat?

Fiat 500 detail 

To Fiat or not to Fiat, that is the question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to drive a big gas-guzzling car or to take aim at a sea of troubles and avoid the heartache that big cars bring – is a thought devoutly to be wished. Yes, that is a quote from shakespeare’s play “Fiat, The One and Only Fiat.” The manuscript was discovered in Turin, Italy not too long ago and has since been widely read and performed. Apparently, the bard did plagiarize a few Italian playwrights in the sixteenth century and changed the names to protect the innocent – or at least that’s what we think.

Had he written about Fiat, he would most likely have made this beautiful little subcompact car his starring vehicle, no pun unintended. Fiat should be the star of every play, in our humble estimation, for it is the car of the future and most certainly, the car of the present. It’s small, but comfortable. It’s dependably, yet attractive. It’s cunning, but agile in tight spots.

Fiat has been around longer than most United States carmakers have. Fiat actually set up a manufacturing plant in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1908 and produced some very cool cars up until 1917 when the company packed up and moved back to Italy. (Apparently, The United States and Italy were at war but let us say this here and now: Fiat had absolutely nothing to do with that unpleasantness at all! There, we said and we feel better.

The 1950s brought Fiat back to the states and the Fiat 500 was introduced to the American car buyer. They did okay but for some reason they didn’t do as well as expected – we thing that America just wasn’t into small cars yet and Fiat was way ahead of its time. After going back to Italy to re-tool, re-design and re-engineer the Fiat – that cool little car just got a lot cooler. So, Fiat came back, showed off its new look and design and sales went through the roof. They are still going through the roof today because the United States is finally ready for what Fiat has to offer: beauty, agility, gas economy and the perfect size and price – all in an Italian sub-compact car. Ciao Fiat! Ciao America! Take a test drive at Fiat USA of Larchmont.

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