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Greenland (Denmark) Full Year 2016: Mitsubishi Outlander likely leader

We estimate the Mitsubishi Outlander to be the best-seller in Greenland.

Greenland was the largest swath of land we had not yet covered on BSCB. Not anymore, as it becomes our 201st market today. Home to 56.500 inhabitants, Greenland is the world’s largest island at 2.166.086 km(836.330 sq mi) – as Australia is considered a continent. It is an autonomous constituent country within the Danish Realm between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The majority of its residents are Inuit, whose ancestors began migrating from the Canadian mainland in the 13th century, gradually settling across the island.

Maniistok, Greenland 

BestSellingCarsBlog queried new sales statistics by make and model with Naatsorsueqqissaartarfik (Statistics Greenland), unfortunately this data is unavailable, with only car parc statistics published. They show 7.534 vehicles in circulation on the island as at end 2015, including 4.033 passenger cars, 184 taxis, 74 buses and… 2 motorbikes, one less than in 2013! Our local investigations show that the Mitsubishi and Toyota brands are the most popular here, with the Outlander and Hilux the likely best-sellers in 2016. Note also that Subaru successfully established itself on the island in 2012.

Evolution of passenger cars in Greenland – 1966 to 2015.

Greenland license plate – same design as Denmark (logically) with “GR” letters.

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