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Philippines 9 months 2016: Toyota Vios and Fortuner cement leadership

Toyota Fortuner Philippines September 2016The Toyota Fortuner ranks 2nd in the Philippines so far in 2016. 

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The Filipino new car market is up 27% year-on-year during the first 9 months of 2016 to 261.370 units (CAMPI and TMA members only). Toyota remains by far the most popular manufacturer with just under 44% market share, followed by Mitsubishi at 17.3%, Ford at 9.6%, Hyundai at 7.4% and Honda at 6.5%. Model-wise, Toyota brilliantly monopolises the Top 5 with the Vios, Fortuner, Hiace, Wigo and Innova up 3 spots on H1. The Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Montero Sport and Mirage G4 lead the non-Toyota nameplates.

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Full 9 months 2016 Top 180 All-models below.

Philippines 9 months 2016 – brands:


Philippines 9 months 2016 – models:

PosModel9m 2016%H1FY15
1Toyota Vios (e)24,6829.4%11
2Toyota Fortuner16,7746.4%25
3Toyota Hiace14,6985.6%33
4Toyota Wigo (e)12,6534.8%56
5Toyota Innova11,3724.4%82
6Ford Everest9,9673.8%6n/a
7Mitsubishi Montero Sport9,5893.7%74
8Mitsubishi Mirage G49,2723.5%n/an/a
9Toyota Hilux9,1593.5%11n/a
10Toyota Avanza (e)9,1263.5%10n/a
11Isuzu MU-X9,1033.5%98
12Ford Ecosport7,2422.8%169
13Mitsubishi Adventure6,9432.7%13n/a
14Honda City6,5212.5%15n/a
15Hyundai Accent6,3982.4%12n/a
16Ford Ranger6,3632.4%177
17Mitsubishi Mirage5,5002.1%n/an/a
18Hyundai Eon5,0051.9%14n/a
19Nissan Urvan4,0251.5%n/an/a
20Honda Mobilio3,8381.5%18n/a
21Isuzu Crosswind3,4831.3%19n/a
22Kia Picanto3,3461.3%24n/a
23Toyota Corolla Altis3,2921.3%20n/a
24Mitsubishi Strada3,1401.2%22n/a
25Nissan NP300 Navara3,0551.2%23n/a
26Suzuki Ertiga2,7591.1%n/an/a
27Isuzu D-Max2,7331.0%26n/a
28Chevrolet Trailblazer2,5511.0%25n/a
29Hyundai Grand Starex2,1230.8%21n/a
30Nissan Almera1,9260.7%28n/a
31Suzuki Swift1,9060.7%n/an/a
32Suzuki Celerio1,7750.7%n/an/a
33Nissan Juke1,5000.6%29n/a
34Hyundai Tucson1,3890.5%27n/a
35Honda HR-V1,3410.5%30n/a
36Honda Jazz1,3100.5%31n/a
37Toyota Yaris (e)1,2400.5%33n/a
38Toyota FJ Cruiser1,2030.5%34n/a
40Subaru Forester1,0820.4%32n/a
42Honda Civic8940.3%44n/a
43Honda Brio/Amaze8390.3%n/an/a
44Kia Rio8380.3%37n/a
45Honda CR-V8190.3%38n/a
46Mahindra Enforcer8120.3%n/an/a
47Ford Explorer8080.3%39n/a
48Ford Fiesta7750.3%42n/a
49Toyota RAV47570.3%40n/a
50Hyundai Elantra6270.2%36n/a
51Mazda CX-56230.2%45n/a
52Subaru XV5940.2%46n/a
53Toyota Land Cruiser 2005550.2%n/an/a
54Suzuki Ciaz5420.2%n/an/a
55Chevrolet Colorado5100.2%n/an/a
56Kia Carnival4910.2%43n/a
57Toyota Alphard4590.2%49n/a
58Ford Escape4320.2%n/an/a
59Toyota Camry4180.2%50n/a
60VW Jetta4160.2%n/an/a
61Hyundai Santa Fe3650.1%47n/a
62Chevrolet Trax3500.1%48n/a
63Nissan X-Trail3270.1%51n/a
64Toyota Prado2750.1%n/an/a
65BMW 5 Series2550.1%n/an/a
66Mitsubishi Pajero2460.1%n/an/a
67Chevrolet Spin2360.1%n/an/a
68Ford Mustang2350.1%n/an/a
69Honda Odyssey2300.1%52n/a
70Mitsubishi ASX2080.1%54n/a
71Chevrolet Spark1900.1%64n/a
72Nissan Sylphy1790.1%55n/a
73Ford Focus1780.1%58n/a
74Kia Forte1770.1%53n/a
75Chevrolet Captiva1760.1%n/an/a
76Subaru Outback1730.1%n/an/a
77Jeep Wrangler1660.1%n/an/a
78Kia Soul1640.1%56n/a
79Mitsubishi Lancer EX1600.1%59n/a
80Subaru WRX1590.1%57n/a
81Lexus RX1490.1%n/an/a
82Mazda MX-51360.1%n/an/a
83Lexus NX1320.1%n/an/a
84BMW X31250.0%n/an/a
85BMW 3 Series1100.0%n/an/a
86VW Polo1080.0%n/an/a
87Toyota 861070.0%n/an/a
88Mini Cooper1070.0%n/an/a
89Subaru Levorg1040.0%61n/a
90Mahindra Xylo1040.0%n/an/a
91BAIC MZ401030.0%n/an/a
92Ford Expedition990.0%n/an/a
93Honda Accord920.0%63n/a
94Porsche Macan870.0%n/an/a
96VW Tiguan790.0%n/an/a
97Nissan Patrol780.0%n/an/a
98Mercedes C Class750.0%n/an/a
99Peugeot 301690.0%n/an/a
100Lexus ES350610.0%n/an/a
101Lexus LX610.0%n/an/a
102Mercedes S Class580.0%n/an/a
103Subaru Legacy570.0%60n/a
104Chevrolet Sonic560.0%n/an/a
105BMW 2 Series Active Tourer560.0%n/an/a
106Mercedes V-Class540.0%n/an/a
107VW Passat540.0%n/an/a
108BMW 7 Series530.0%n/an/a
109Mercedes E Class510.0%n/an/a
110BMW X5460.0%n/an/a
111Honda Pilot420.0%n/an/a
112Kia Sorento410.0%n/an/a
113Nissan Altima410.0%n/an/a
114Mercedes GLE400.0%n/an/a
115Porsche Cayenne390.0%n/an/a
116VW Touareg390.0%n/an/a
117Audi Q7380.0%n/an/a
118Peugeot Expert Tepee380.0%n/an/a
119Audi Q5370.0%n/an/a
120Lexus IS360.0%n/an/a
121Peugeot 2008350.0%n/an/a
122VW Beetle340.0%n/an/a
123Chevrolet Suburban320.0%n/an/a
124Mercedes GLC320.0%n/an/a
125BMW X1300.0%n/an/a
126Peugeot 508290.0%n/an/a
127BMW 4 Series290.0%n/an/a
128Mini Countryman280.0%n/an/a
129Peugeot 3008270.0%n/an/a
130VW Golf270.0%n/an/a
131Honda CR-Z250.0%n/an/a
132Mercedes B Class250.0%n/an/a
133Chevrolet Orlando240.0%n/an/a
134Ram 1500 Laramie230.0%n/an/a
135BMW 1 Series230.0%n/an/a
136Audi A3220.0%n/an/a
137BAIC M20210.0%n/an/a
138Ssangyong Tivoli190.0%n/an/a
139Audi A1180.0%n/an/a
140Mercedes A Class180.0%n/an/a
141VW Touran180.0%n/an/a
142Dodge Durango170.0%n/an/a
143Peugeot 308170.0%n/an/a
144Subaru Impreza150.0%65n/a
145BYD L3140.0%n/an/a
146Chrysler 300C140.0%n/an/a
147Lamborghini Huracan140.0%n/an/a
148Volvo V40140.0%n/an/a
149Volvo XC90140.0%n/an/a
150Audi A6130.0%n/an/a
151Dodge Challenger130.0%n/an/a
152Jeep Grand Cherokee110.0%n/an/a
153Porsche 911110.0%n/an/a
154Mercedes GLS100.0%n/a
155Audi Q390.0%n/an/a
156Chrysler Town & Country90.0%n/an/a
157Lexus GX90.0%n/an/a
158Lexus LS90.0%n/an/a
159Peugeot 500890.0%n/an/a
160BYD F080.0%n/an/a
161Peugeot 20880.0%n/an/a
162BYD S670.0%n/an/a
163Chevrolet Cruze70.0%n/an/a
164Chevrolet Malibu70.0%n/an/a
165Hyundai Genesis70.0%n/an/a
166Jeep Cherokee70.0%n/an/a
167Audi TT70.0%n/an/a
168BMW M470.0%n/an/a
169Lexus RC70.0%n/an/a
170Volvo S6050.0%n/an/a
171Ssangyong Korando40.0%n/an/a
172Ssangyong Rodius40.0%n/an/a
173Audi A840.0%n/an/a
174Honda Legend30.0%n/an/a
175Lamborghini Aventador20.0%n/an/a
176BAIC A110.0%n/an/a
177Bentley Continental GT10.0%n/an/a
178Bentley Flying Spur10.0%n/an/a
179Volvo V6010.0%n/an/a

(e): BSCB estimate

Source:, many thanks to myk for the tip.

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