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U.S. North to South: The cars of Eureka, Nevada

Ford F-150 Eureka NVFord F-150 and the 1880 Eureka Opera House.

In Nevada we’ve explored the Extraterrestrial Highway up to Area 51 – or the gate leading to it – as well as Highway 50, nicknamed the Loneliest Road in America. Today we zoom in on one of the tiny outposts along the Loneliest Road: Eureka If you enjoy this series, make sure you check out all previous iterations of our U.S. North to South adventure here as we started all the way north in Barrow Alaska – the northernmost settlement in the U.S.

Eureka NVLocation of Eureka NV in the United States.

Located at 6.481 feet (1.975 m) altitude in the Diamond Mountains, tiny Eureka has a population of 610 according to the 2010 Census. It is technically the loneliest town on the Loneliest Road in America: the nearest towns along the highway are Ely (77 mi/124 km east) and Austin (70 mi/110 km west). Attractions include the Eureka Opera House, built in 1880 and restored in 1993, and – the reason why we stopped – its collection of pickups and vintage cars. Some parts of town seem stuck in 1983…

1983 Chevrolet Suburban Eureka NV1983 Chevrolet SuburbanIsuzu Trooper Eureka NV1983 Isuzu Trooper

Ford Ranger Eureka NV

Bob Eureka NVIt’s been closed for years, Bob…Jeep Wrangler Eureka NV

Ram 3500 Eureka NV

GMC Acadia Eureka NV

Ford F-250 Eureka NV

Bob Ram 1500 Eureka NVBob catching up with his lil bro the Ram 1500 in Eureka NV.

Next we drive into the continuous traffic jam that is California, to attempt at finally reaching the Mexican border to conclude this adventure! We also review Bob. Stay tuned for the final instalment of our U.S. North to South Photo Report series.

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