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U.S. North to South: Grand Teton NP and Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Grand Teton NP Pic1Spectacular Grand Teton National Park, WY

After Yellowstone National Park, we now drive a short 80 miles/130 km south to the adjoining Grand Teton National Park, a lot quieter and in my view more spectacular. You can check out the entire U.S. North to South series here (we started in Barrow, the northernmost settlement in the U.S.!)

Yellowstone Grand Teton mapYellowstone and Grand Teton are two adjoining National Parks.Bob Grand Teton NP Pic2

Grand Teton NP Pic2Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park WYJeep Wrangler Jackson WYA Jeep Wrangler feeling well at home in Grand Teton NPStreet scene Jackson Hole WY Jackson Hole WY

Towered by Grand Teton (13.770ft), the National Park of the same name offers pure sceneries of jagged peaks, alpine lakes and fragrant pine forests. Much more my cup of tea than tourist-crazed Yellowstone. Walking along the shore of Jenny Lake as the sun softly slips down the sky is an experience that has the power to refocus your soul onto the important things in life. Nearly, bustling Jackson Hole is a touch of measured sophistication with numerous perfectly painted wooden buildings. A picture perfect place in the United States.

Subaru Outback Jackson Hole WYSubaru Outback in Jackson Hole WYBob Grand Teton NP Pic1Tick! Grand Teton National Park is done for Bob.Ford F-150 Jackson Hole WY

Ford F-250 Jackson Hole WYFord pickups in Jackson Hole WY

Given tomorrow we will be crossing onto Utah to reach Bryce Canyon at the southern end of the state, it is now time to look into the most popular vehicles in Wyoming. For more detail and the exact sales figures of the Top 10 best-sellers in each state, can check out our Exclusive State by State U.S. rankings for 2015 here. Wyoming buyers have one word for you: pickup truck. Okay that’s two. The five best-selling vehicles in the state in 2015 are all pickups, toped by the Ram Pickup – so Bob is completely at home here. It is followed by the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, GMC Sierra and Ford F-350 Super Duty. Car-wise, it’s no longer a surprise in this area of the U.S. but still merits a full mention: the Subaru Outback reigns, and it shows in Jackson Hole. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures in Utah!

Kia Sorento Jackson Hole WYKia Sorento in Jackson Hole WY
Pickups Pinedale WY

Pickups Pinedale WY PIc2Pickups in Pinedale WY
Subaru Forester Jackson Hole WYSubaru Forester in Jackson Hole WY

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