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China 2016 Photo Reports: The Chinese car dealerships of Xining

Huanghai N2 Xining China 2016Huanghai N2

After exploring the cars of Xining, we now go on a tour of the small Chinese car dealerships of the capital of the Qinghai province, the ones specifically located along the few blocks near the intersection of Bowen and Baiyi Lu. The photos give you an idea of which models are pushing by dealers in this particular area of China, with pickup trucks given centre stage. Below is a selection of the 25 most representative Xining dealership photos, ranked in alphabetical order. A further 35 photos can be found below the jump for a complete report.

China map XiningA reminder of where Xining is located in China.BAW Jeep Pickup Xining China 2016BAW Jeep Pickup
Chana Minivan 29900 yuan Xining China 2016Chana Star Minivan
Cowin C3 Xining China 2016Cowin C3
Cowin dealership Xining China 2016Cowin dealership
Donfgfeng Fengshen A60 Xining China 2016Dongfeng Fengshen A60 priced at 69.700 yuan ($10.400)
Enranger dealership Xining China 2016Enranger dealership
FAW dealership Xining China 2016 picsFAW dealership
Foday F22 Pickup Xining China 2016 pic2Foday F22 Pickup
Foday F22 Pickup Xining China 2016Foday F22 Pickup Geely King Kong Xining China 2016Geely King Kong Geely Gleagle GX7 Xining China 2016Geely GX7 and Gleagle GX7 (note the two different logos)
Gleagle closed dealership Xining China 2016Abandoned Gleagle dealership
Hawtai dealership Dongfeng Cowin Xining China 2016Hawtai dealership fronted with Dongfeng Fengshen A60 and Cowin C3
Higer dealership Xining China 2016 pic2Higer dealership
Huansu dealership Xining China 2016 pic2Huansu dealership – they are separate from BAIC
Jinbei dealership Xining China 2016 pic2Jinbei – Brilliance dealership
Jinbei mini truck Xining China 2016Jinbei Mini Trucks
JMC GL dealership Xining China 2016JMC GL dealership
Leopaard CS10 Xining China 2016Leopaard CS10
Leopaard Q6 Xining China 2016Leopaard Black King and Q6
Wuling Sunshine Mini TruckA very rare Wuling Sunshine Mini Truck priced at 26.900 yuan (US$4.000)
ZX Auto Grand Tiger Xining China 2016 ZX Auto Grand Tiger priced at 66.900 yuan (US$10.000)

The Photo Report continues below with 35 additional photos.

BAW Pickup Xining China 2016BAW Pickup
BYD F3 Xining China 2016BYD F3
Chana Honor Gold logo Xining China 2016Golden logo’ed Chana Honor priced at 47.900 yuan (US$7.200)
Chana Mini Truck Xining China 2016Chana Mini Trucks priced from 33.900 yuan (US$5.100)
Changan dealership Xining China 2016Changan dealership
Changhe Freedom M50 Suzuki logo Xining China 2016Changhe Freedom M50 with Suzuki logo
Dojo electric cars dealership Xining China 2016Dojo electric cars dealership
Dongfeng Fengguang 370 Xining China 2016Dongfeng Fengguang 370
Dongfeng LCV Xining China 2016Donfeng minivans and mini trucks
Dongfeng Pickups Xining China 2016Dongfeng and Zhengzhou Nissan D22 pickups
Dongfeng Rich Xining China 2016Dongfeng Rich
FAW Xiali N3 Xining China 2016FAW dealership
Foday Landfort Xining China 2016
Foday Landfort and F22 Pickup
Foton dealership Xining China 2016Foton dealership
Geely dealership Xining China 2016Geely dealership
Huanghai dealership Brilliance V3 Xining China 2016Huanghai N2 and Brilliance V3
Huanghai N1S Xining China 2016Huanghai N1S  Huanghai N2 logo grille Xining China 2016Huanghai N2 grille logo detail
Huansu MPV Xining China 2016Huansu H3 and H2 in front of Baojun dealership
JAC Pickup dealership Xining China 2016JAC Pickups
JAC Pickups Xining China 2016 pic2JAC Pickups
JAC Pickups Xining China 2016JAC Pickups
JAC Tianqi Meiya Pickups Xining China 2016JAC and Tianqi Meiya pickups
Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai Xining China 2016Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai
Jinbei dealership Xining China 2016Jinbei dealership
Jinbei Pickup Xining China 2016 pic4Jinbei Pickups
Jinbei Pickups Xining China 2016Jinbei Pickups
Jinbei van Chana Mini Truck Xining China 2016Jinbei Minivans and Chana Mini Trucks
Kawei dealership Xining China 2016Kawei dealership
King Long dealership Xining China 2016King Long dealership
Lifan dealership closed Xining China 2016Closed Lifan dealership
Loncin dealership Xining China 2016Loncin 3-wheeler
Soueast DX7 Xining China 2016Soueast DX7
Wuling Hongguang S1 Xining China 2016Wuling Hongguang S1 priced at 60.800 yuan (US$ 9.100)
Wuling Mini Trucks Xining China 2016Wuling Mini Truck Single Cab priced at 35,900 yuan (US$5.400)Wuxing dealership Xining China 2016Wuxing 3-wheeler dealership
Zotye dealership Xining China 2016Zotye dealership

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