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China LCV April 2016: Mini Trucks surge 39%, Pickups back in positive

Dongfeng K-Series Mini Truck China April 2016. Picture courtesy 360che.comThe Dongfeng K-Series Mini Truck breaks into the Top 10 in April

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As part of a partnership with Chinese consultancy outlet Cedars, today we share with you detailed data for the light commercials market in China with complete Minivan, Pickup and Mini Truck data by model as well as selected light truck/bus data provided by LMC Automotive. Light commercials as a whole are down just 6% in April at 325.126 units compared to -10% year-to-date to 1.175.842 according to LMC. In the detail, minivans are once again in freefall at -19% to 62.146 and -30% to 233.377 so far this year and mini trucks are absorbing these lapsed buyers as it has been the case for over a year now with sales up 39% to 49.152, an even higher increase rate than year-to-date at +23% to 169.024. Finally, pickup trucks confirm their resurgence by posting their first year-on-year gains in over two years at +0.7% to 30.989 vs. -6% and 113.141 year-to-date, the result of a much anticipated change in legislation allowing pickup trucks in the large cities of four provinces for the first time in 12 years (see our February China LCV report for more detail).

Chana F30 Pickup China April 2016Chana Shenqi F30 Pickup

The Foton Light Truck remains in the lead with 25.028 sales while the cheapest Wuling minivans are brought back to life by reduced prices: the Sunshine is up 11% to #2 and the Rongguang is up 10% to #5. On the other hand the more recent Hongguang V is down 17% to #4. With the Mini Truck up 25% to #3, Wuling places its four nameplates inside the Top 5. The Chana Star Mini Truck is up a flamboyant 52% to #8 and the Dongfeng K-Series Mini Truck breaks into the Top 10 at #9, confirming mini trucks are the new default LCV in China, contrasting with the Chana Star Minibus imploding 78% to #18. Notice also the Great Wall Wingle 6 up 51% to #21 and the Chana Shenqi F-Series Pickup appearing at #30.

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Full April 2016 Top 55 models Ranking Table below.

China LCV April 2016 – models:

1Foton Light Truck25,0281%185,894-8%12
2Wuling Sunshine23,39611%366,651-30%43
3Wuling Mini Truck22,24825%279,03923%21
4Wuling Hongguang V21,098-17%563,141-26%54
5Wuling Rongguang19,23410%655,947-20%65
6JAC Light Truck17,7569%468,28411%36
7JMC Light Truck9,153-27%738,055-16%99
8Chana Star Mini Truck8,87452%1140,88230%812
9Dongfeng K Series Mini Truck8,72576%1423,45038%1420
10Jinbei Light Truck (e)8,000-31%1228,933-28%128
11Great Wall Wingle 57,641-16%1329,546-16%1113
12Chana Light Truck (e)7,500n/a832,972n/a1014
13Dongfeng Light Truck (e)7,000n/a1026,491n/a1315
14Dongfeng K Series Minivan4,205-28%1613,151-34%1621
15Sichuan South Chun Mini Truck3,929n/a188,5121020%1951
16JMC Baodian3,7813%1514,352-21%1522
17ZX Auto Grand Tiger3,115-22%2012,249-10%1724
18Chana Star Minibus3,011-78%948,037-27%77
19Beijing Auto Weiwang 3062,142-49%219,772-55%1823
20Donfgeng Rich2,141-26%198,390-17%2025
21Great Wall Wingle 62,12051%227,917107%2131
22Foton Gratour T2,0462%n/a6,326-7%22n/a
23Chery Mini Truck2,00080%295,91224%2335
24JMC Yuhu1,666106%313,413-4%3041
25JAC Pickup1,58445%255,89085%2444
26Foton Tunland1,53118%275,814-24%2529
27Shandong Kiama Mini Truck1,351-44%284,957-30%2727
28Huanghai N2-Series1,258new265,176new2653
29Dongfeng C Series Minivan1,255-3%244,16227%2832
30Chana Shenqi F-Series Pickup1,098newn/a1,821new40
31Changhe Mini Truck1,080-31%382,756-40%3343
32Foton Sup1,009-26%342,947-46%3136
33FAW Jilin Mini Truck844-38%302,816-55%3230
34Foton Gratour V8306%n/a2,147-17%38n/a
35JMC Qi Ling T7814n/a332,677n/a34
36FAW Jilin V52756-67%233,475-47%2928
37Zhengzhou Nissan D22643-17%352,452-19%3637
38Jiangxi Isuzu D-Max5340%371,937-6%3948
39Foton Gratour IX514newn/a1,304new43n/a
40Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai492new322,406new3758
41Huanghai N1-Series490-66%392,527-55%3538
42Higer Long Wei48017%431,248-18%4454
43FQT Motor M70265-67%421,050-58%4539
44Dongfeng Xintianyou Pickup24160%4578640%4959
45Chery Youyou229-23%n/a1,038-40%4657
46JMC Qi Ling T5227-79%41984-71%4745
47Changhe Freedom187-85%441,749-74%4134
48FAW Jilin V80138-35%46815-68%4850
49Beiqi Mini Truck64n/a48265249%5572
50Beijing Auto Pickup62-49%50290-46%5460
51Beijing Auto Weiwang 306EV40new51314new5356
52Jinbei Mini Truck37-5%40435406%5265
53Lifan Fengshun (Foison)28-96%5592-98%56n/a
54Chery Pickup12n/a5451183%6069

Source: Cedars, LMC Automotive

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