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Media post: Temporary transfer of car insurance


Car in the garage? Need to transfer your car insurance? Here’s what you need to know if you’re with Liberty Insurance

When your car has to go into the garage for maintenance or repair, it can be a headache. If you get a replacement car while yours is off the road, there’s the not-so-small matter of insurance to think about. Here are some of the questions that may come to mind:

  • Am I automatically insured to drive another car?
  • Can I temporarily transfer my car insurance over to a replacement car?
  • If so, will I have to shell out for more insurance on top of my annual premium?

At Liberty Insurance, we recognise the need to keep moving when things don’t go to plan. If your policy specifies you are insured to drive any other car, then work away. If you are not insured under your policy to drive another car, then we will temporarily transfer your insurance to another vehicle if your own vehicle is in the garage for service or repair.

We believe paying for extra insurance, on top of your annual policy, is unfair. So when you use a courtesy car from our approved repairer network, we will arrange a temporary transfer of your car insurance, quickly, and easily and free of charge.

Acceptance criteria will apply before offering cover on all vehicles, and in cases where the replacement car isn’t provided by one of our approved repairers, there may be a charge. All we ask is for you to call us, and let us know what you plan to do. We’ll do the rest. That’s insurance as it should be.

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