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Brunei Full Year 2015: Toyota Vios leads, Wigo up in market down 21%

Toyota Vios Brunei 2015. Picture courtesy rebeccasaw.comThe Toyota Vios is the best-selling car in Brunei in 2015…

New car sales in Brunei are down a harsh 21% year-on-year in 2015 to 14.324 registrations vs. 18.124 in 2014 according to the Brunei Automobile Traders Association (BATA). As December sales are down a further 23%, January 2016 down 6% and February 2016 down 27%, the outlook for 2016 isn’t expected to improve and should lead to a further decline. The Brunei market decline is closely linked with the drop of worldwide oil prices: Brunei’s economy is highly dependent on oil and gas, both accounting for about 90% of the country’s total exports, and their price drop has triggered a slowdown of the local economy and consequently of the car market.

Toyota Wigo Brunei 2015. Picture courtesy of…but the Toyota Wigo is catching up. 

The leaders of the past few years remain the same: Toyota is the most popular brand ahead of Kia, Mitsubishi and Nissan and the Toyota Vios is the best-selling nameplate in Brunei with 1.834 sales above the Kia Cerato and Mitsubishi Mirage. However two new candidates for the title of #1 nameplate in Brunei in 2016 have appeared: the Suzuki Celerio is #1 in December 2015 with 58 sales while the Toyota Wigo, imported from Indonesia, is #2 in December (50 units) and #1 in January 2016 (55), both times outselling the Vios.

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