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Czech Republic Full Year 2015: Skoda Octavia resists Fabia, record market

Skoda Fabia Czech Republic 2015. Picture Fabia sales are up 133% at home – but not enough to reclaim the #1 spot.

May 2020 update: Now with Top 50 All-brands.

New car sales in the Czech Republic post a euphoric year in 2015: an all-time record for the 2nd year running and the third time in the past five years, up a flamboyant 20% to 230.857 units, the first time the 200.000 units are passed in a single year – this milestone was passed in mid-November. After hitting a highest-ever monthly score of 18.171 in June 2014, the Czech market broke through the 20.000 monthly units for the first time this year in March (21.155), beating this record again in June (21.315) and July (21.415) and also passing the same benchmark in April at 20.360 and November (20.461). However keep in mind a significant part (estimated at 12% of the market) of Czech sales never see local roads and are immediately re-exported to other parts of the European Union. The biggest culprits are the VAG Group with an estimated 20% of its overall sales in the country actually being re-exported – a share that climbed to 53% for the Seat brand in January – and Ford with a 60% re-export ratio in January.

Skoda Superb Czech Republic October 2015The Skoda Superb is up 36% to #6.

Local manufacturer Skoda tightens the grip it holds over its home market even further this year with sales up 27% to 73.560 for an improved 31.9% market share. Even though the Fabia is up a spectacular 133% on 2014 to 20.468 units thanks to its new generation, it is not sufficient to dislodge the Octavia from a 7th consecutive title at 24.346 sales. The Rapid (#3), Superb (#6) and Yeti (#7) make it five Skodas in the Top 7 vs. 5 in the Top 8 in 2014. Volkswagen reclaims the #2 spot off Hyundai thanks to volumes up 29% to 23.620 and 10.2% of the market vs. 19.315 and 8.4% (+2%) for the Korean carmaker, even though the Hyundai i30 overtakes the VW Golf as the best-selling foreigner in the country. Renault (+27%), BMW (+34%), Nissan (+67%), Audi (+25%), Mercedes (+27%) and Mitsubishi (+42%) also overperform.

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