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Media post: How Car Dealerships Are Changing Sales Tactics in the 21st Century


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There are many more car dealerships out there than there are models of cars to be sold. That means that many car dealerships will be selling the same exact products. Most of them will have paid about the same amount of money for their inventory. All other things being equal, it might be hard for an outside observer to understand how dealerships like these find ways to sell cars in volume, at least in a way that’s reliable.

This is because most consumers aren’t committed to a single dealership. They might have a favorite make or model, or be dedicated Dodge buyers or something like that. But in most cases, consumers don’t care where they buy their new vehicle, so long as the price is good, the product is quality, and the dealership is not too far away. If your dealership isn’t able to provide on those levels, you are probably out of the running for a buyer’s business.

That is, until now. The internet changes everything. Consumers research and buy in completely different ways than they did years ago, and there are new methods by which you can make your products available when they are ready to make a purchase. Marketing companies like ShowRoomLogic are finding ways to win the war on the web, and it’s giving dealerships a sales edge, even when nothing changes about the way they do sales at their brick and mortar location.

Car shoppers are a flighty bunch. It can be hard to tell, if you’re looking at the pages a prospective buyer visits, what they plan to buy and when. But consumer behaviors have been well studied. Today’s marketers know how to derive from a whole bunch of clicking, what a consumer is most interested in and when they plan to buy. The key to getting their business, is providing the product they are looking for at the right price. Until now, this has been almost impossible for car sellers, because there was no way to bring in traffic to their sites reliably. But changes that with their approach to advertising.

Through paid search and retargeting, your inventory will be accessible and visible to interested buyers, no matter where else they happen to be on the web. This is a powerful tool. If a consumer sees that you have when they want, that you are offering a competitive price, and that you are only 24 miles away, they will be very likely to call you up and schedule a time to come by. Consumers don’t like guessing games. It’s a pain to call around looking for lots that have what they’re looking for on hand. By showing your prospective customers exactly what you have to offer at any given time, you’ll be removing one of the barriers that separates you from the sale.

ShowRoomLogic has a lot of other methods to help you present the best deal available to the most interested customers in your region. Their program is endlessly customizable and providing real results to dealerships around the nation. You may not have thought that car sales could be changed so fundamentally, but this is how a new generation of sellers is finding their edge.

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