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Turkmenistan September 2015: Mercedes C-Class & Hyundai Elantra dominate (BSCB Exclusive)

Mercedes C Class Turkmenistan September 2015Surprise: the Mercedes C-Class is the best-selling vehicle in Turkmenistan so far in 2015…

Hyundai Elantra Turkmenistan 2015…above the Hyundai Elantra.

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Historic day for BSCB: today we add Turkmenistan to the list of worldwide markets with official new car sales data. Granted, it’s a tiny market, but it’s always a great feeling to bring a new country into the spotlight once in a while. 426 new light vehicles found a new home in Turkmenistan over the first 9 months of 2015. with the favourite carmaker in the country and the only one to manage to sell upwards of 100 units being Hyundai with a mammoth 24.4% market share and 108 units, distancing Nissan (18.3%), Toyota (16.2%) and Mercedes (16%). UZ-Daewoo, assembled in neighbouring Uzbekistan, holds 12.7% of the Turkmen maket.

Opel Vectra Turkmenistan 2012Opel Vectra in Turkmenistan. Picture © FarewellFire

The models ranking uncovers a big surprise: the best-seller so far in 2015 with only one quarter left is the Mercedes C-Class with a mammoth 14.6% market share. It is to be noted that the C-Class’s pole position is solely credited to a massive 60-unit-delivery in June. The Hyundai Elantra follows at 6.1% share above the UZ-Daewoo Nexia and the Toyota Camry, estimated to be the best-seller in Turkmenistan in my last update on this country dating back to 2013. Lastly, notice the expensive Toyota Prado elbowing its way into the Turkmen Top 10 with 3.5% of the market so far this year.

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