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China LCV October 2015: Discover the Top 60 models (BSCB Exclusive)

JMC Qi Ling China October 2015An air of VW Amarok: the JMC Qi Lin, up 53% in October.

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For the second time ever on BSCB and as part of a new partnership with local Consulting firm Cedars, we can share with you a lot more detail on the light commercial vehicle market in China with complete minivan, pickup and mini truck data by model available. Overall according to LMC Automotive light commercials add up to 275.774 units in October and 2.988.258 year-to-date. Looking at the detail by segment, it’s bad news all round: minivans continue to sink into oblivion at -35% and 50.474 sales (-39% year-to-date), pickups are down 15% to 25.789 units and down 18% so far in 2015 whereas the only island of LCV growth, mini trucks (the Chinese label for micro pickups) also surrender this month: down 9% to 37.254 deliveries, leading to a minuscule 0.09% gain year-to-date at 359.709 registrations.

Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai China October 2015The Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai makes its first appearance in the Chinese sales charts.

The Wuling Mini Truck wins for the fourth time in a row despite sales down a worrying 25%, distancing the Foton Light Truck (-9%) and the best performer of the month, the Lifan Light Truck jumping 5 spots on September to third place overall at 13.619 sales. Relics of a time long gone, the Wuling Sunshine (+3%) and Chana Star (+4%) hold their own albeit on a small October 2014 base.

Wuling Rongguang S China 2014The S variant isn’t helping: the Wuling Rongguang (-63%) sinks below 10.000 monthly units.

The most striking evolution in the ranking this month is delivered by the Wuling Rongguang: down an abysmal 63% to fall below 10.000 monthly units for the first time since BSCB started following Chinese LCV sales five years ago… The Hongguang V, much more recent, isn’t setting the sales charts on fire anymore either: after a peak of 30.003 units in March, it is down to 7.489 and #12 this month.

Sichuan Mini Truck China October 2015. Picture couertesy 360che.comUp 3-fold year-on-year but still rare on Chinese roads: the Sichuan Mini Truck.

Some rare nameplates do manage to go against the depressing grain this month: among them, the Chana Mini Truck is up 34% to #10, the Dongfeng K-Series Mini Truck is up 3% at #16, the FAW Xenia up 92% to #21, FAW Jilin Mini Truck up 66% to #23, FQT Motor M70 up 72% to #26, the JMC Yuhu is up a whopping 180% to #31, the JAC Pickup leaps 48% to #37, the JMC Qi Ling is up 53% to #39 and the Sichuan South Chun Mini Truck is up 3-fold on a year ago (+209%) to #44. Finally, we welcome the Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai – the local version of the Isuzu D-Max – in the charts at #42 with 499 units sold in October alone.

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Full October 2015 Top 65 models Ranking Table below.

China October 2015 – LCV:

Note: Light Trucks and Buses (such as the Isuzu N-Series and Ford Transit) selling less than 5.800 units in October are excluded from this ranking for now.

1Wuling Mini Truck18,482-25%1192,6974%35
2Foton Light Truck16,627-9%3203,153-8%14
3Lifan Light Truck13,619n/a874,883n/a11n/a
4Wuling Sunshine13,4753%2194,649-29%22
5Jinbei Light Truck13,45410%7112,031-3%86
6Chana Star minibus12,6434%4136,390-36%73
7JAC Light Truck12,2401%5136,65649%6n/a
8Wuling Rongguang9,249-63%6165,150-46%41
9JMC Light Truck8,386n/a997,375n/a97
10Chana Mini Truck8,16134%1074,9525%10n/a
11Chana Light Truck8,028n/a1369,100n/a13n/a
12Wuling Hongguang V7,489new11157,795new5
13Great Wall Wingle 56,335-30%1467,998-32%14n/a
14Foton Mini Truck6,026n/a1273,843n/a12n/a
15Dongfeng Light Truck5,851n/a1564,739n/a15n/a
16Dongfeng K Series Mini Truck5,4553%1644,095-16%1610
17JMC Baodian3,487-39%1836,117-23%18n/a
18Dongfeng K Series Minivan3,078-43%1941,608-46%17n/a
19ZX Auto Grand Tiger2,441-15%1728,443-22%20n/a
20Donfgeng Rich2,211-32%2024,553-32%21n/a
21FAW Xenia2,12092%2110,921-33%30n/a
22Chana Taurus1,910-1%2319,127-28%22n/a
23FAW Jilin Mini Truck1,70766%2513,18844%26n/a
24Beijing Auto Weiwang 3061,573-78%4533,718-41%19n/a
25Great Wall Wingle 61,464new2711,518new27n/a
26FQT Motor M701,45372%377,47429%39n/a
27Dongfeng C Series Minivan1,360-13%2410,996-44%28n/a
28Foton Tunland1,140-5%2813,70871%24n/a
29Zhengzhou Nissan D221,12915%269,292-2%34n/a
30Chery Mini Truck1,093-27%3110,140-23%32n/a
31JMC Yuhu1,082180%298,319-2%37n/a
32Shandong Kiama Mini Truck971-11%3015,01640%23n/a
33Foton Sup940-35%3910,355-55%31n/a
34Foton PX937new326,654new42n/a
35Changhe Mini Truck905-8%356,242-39%43n/a
36FAW Jilin V52900-33%2213,21069%25n/a
37JAC Pickup85048%347,641-5%38n/a
38Huanghai N2-Series826new361,802new52n/a
39JMC Qi Ling80053%387,34835%40n/a
40Huanghai N1-Series634new4010,993new29n/a
41Changhe Freda530-71%508,691-48%36n/a
42Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai499new499new60
43Lifan SACP495-67%447,293-49%41n/a
44Sichuan South Chun Mini Truck402209%432,861-28%49n/a
45Jiangxi Isuzu D-Max366n/a424,244n/a45n/a
46FAW Jilin V80280-2%514,155-42%46n/a
47Lifan Xingshun252-60%493,056-61%48n/a
48Hager Long Wei193-46%473,218-17%47n/a
49Liebao Fei Yang Pickup184new461,113new54n/a
50Huanghai Dachai131-94%484,644-77%44n/a
51GAC Gio Pickup120-86%338,748-8%35n/a
52Chery Youyou112-88%532,373-80%51n/a
53Dongfeng Xintianyou Pickup91-28%541,362-27%53n/a
54Jinbei Mini Truck7818%52430-66%61n/a
55Lifan Fushun60-30%2,796138%50n/a
56Beijing Auto Pickup41-69%551,027-49%55n/a
57Chery Pickup24-63%59109-55%67n/a
58Haima Fushida23-89%57703-77%57n/a
59Soueast Pretec2054%61532-50%58n/a
60Chery Winning3-99%58502-67%59n/a
61Chery Elegant1-100%62276-94%63n/a
62Gonow Xingwang0-100%419,883-4%33n/a
63Changhe Landy0-100%820-11%56n/a
64Dongfeng V Series Minivan0-100%403-82%62n/a
65Beijing Auto Weiwang 306EV0n/a56274n/a64n/a

Source: Cedars, LMC Automotive

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