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China LCV August 2015: Third month of Wuling Mini Truck domination

3. Wuling Rongguang Pickup MoheWuling Mini Truck in Mohe, northeastern China.

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Sales of new Light Commercial Vehicles are down a harsh 24% year-on-year in China to 256.721 units, pulling the year-to-date total down 26% or nearly 900.000 sales to 2.439.070 registrations according to LMC Automotive. The trend away from microvans and towards mini pickups gets more and more striking as 2015 clicks through: the Wuling Mini Trucks enjoys its third consecutive month as #1 LCV in China thanks to sales up 6% year-on-year to 23.021, and now ranks #3 year-to-date with 152.568 units (+12%), overtaking the Wuling Rongguang (-53%) and Hongguang V, down a worrying 38% on August and 71% on its all-time best of 30.003 sales last March.

Ford Transit China August 2015. Picture courtesy Ford Transit ranks 15th best-selling LCV in China and #1 foreigner.

Similarly, the Chana Mini Truck makes its very first appearance inside the LCV Top 10 this month at #10 with 7.479 sales. The only other nameplates officially gaining ground in the August Top 10 are also pickups: the Foton Light Truck is up 36% and the JAC Light Truck up 42%. Confirming the microbus is now a thing of the past in China, the Wuling Sunshine is down 18% at #2 and the Chana Minibus is down 27% to #7. For the first time on BSCB we can share with you a Top 20 LCV ranking, showing the Great Wall Pickup at #12 and the #1 foreigner the Ford Transit at #15, followed by the Isuzu N-Series at #18.

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Full August 2015 Top 20 models Ranking Table below.

China LCV August 2015 – models:

1Wuling Mini Truck23,0216%1152,56812%35
2Wuling Sunshine18,722-18%6163,183-32%22
3Foton Light Truck17,58136%2169,664-9%14
4Wuling Rongguang15,877-53%3143,335-43%41
5JAC Light Truck12,24542%7111,175-11%7n/a
6Jinbei Light Truck12,004n/a886,057n/a86
7Chana Mini Bus11,291-27%5125,959-38%63
8Wuling Hongguang V8,739new4142,278new5
9JMC Light Truck8,123n/an/a79,928n/a97
10Chana Mini Truck7,479n/an/a58,409n/a12n/a
11Lifan Light Truck7,270n/a949,683n/a15n/a
12Great Wall Pickup6,407n/an/a64,758n/a10n/a
13Foton Mini Truck6,062n/a1061,301n/a11n/a
14Dongfeng Light Truck5,617n/an/a53,552n/a14n/a
15Ford Transit5,147n/an/a40,146n/a18n/a
16Chana Light Truck5,122n/an/a54,735n/a13n/a
17Dongfeng Mini Bus4,997n/an/a44,915n/a179
18Isuzu N-Series4,379n/an/a45,725n/a16n/a
19Dongfeng Mini Truck4,259n/an/a34,012n/a2010
20Lifan Mini Bus3,973n/an/a36,847n/a19n/a


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