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Media post: Signs You Are Becoming a Dangerous Driver

Dangerous driver

There probably isn’t a driver in the world who hasn’t experienced at least a fleeting moment of irrational, traffic-induced rage or distraction. If you haven’t, you will at least have seen it around you on the roads. Most of the time, these incidents pass, and you continue about your day. But, occasionally, they turn just bad enough that you’ll be glad you have insurance. So how do you know if you’ve become a menace on the road? Here are a few signs to watch out for.

You Find Yourself Pressuring Other Motorists to Drive the Way You Want

If you’re stuck behind that oh-so-irritating slow person while you’re running late, it’s tempting to try and gently coax them into meeting the speed limit. However, it’s very likely that what you see as a gentle coaxing comes across as road rage and tailgating, and this can cause a lot of stress on the road. On a bad day, it also causes accidents. You may think you’re a better driver than those around you, but that may be disproved if you cause an accident. If this happens to you, and you are concerned about your insurance provider doing their part, consider chatting with a law firm, such as Patinos, that specialises in this field.

You Find Yourself Zoning Out on Those Long or Familiar Routes

You’ve driven this route every working day for the past ten years. You could drive it while sleeping. And, occasionally, you nearly do. But you feel confident knowing this route, so it’s not a problem… right? Well, statistically, the majority of car accidents happen close to home, in the area we feel most at home and comfortable, and the area we are probably most relaxed as a driver. Keep alert near your home and, if you feel yourself getting complacent on your drive, change the route up a bit to force yourself to concentrate.

You Just Glance – Ever So Quickly – At Your Phone

Whether it’s to change the song or to just skim read the message you just received, you’re finding that using your phone is becoming more and more common while driving. But the danger comes from more than just a second with your eyes off the road. Your concentration is pulled as well, and all it takes is a moment of distraction for the situation to change drastically. As you haven’t been paying attention, your body takes that much longer to switch to a reaction, and you run the risk of being in a truly dangerous situation.

These are three very simple things that can be an indication for you that you may be becoming a little bit too relaxed behind the wheel. Try to find ways to keep calm, keep alert, and keep focused on your surroundings, and you might just avert an accident. The best thing about avoiding them is that you’ll never have to wonder if you could have avoided it. What is your best tip for being a safe driver? Share your suggestions below.

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