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California (USA) Full Year 2014: Now with detailed data available

Honda Accord USA August 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Honda Accord takes the lead of the Californian models ranking in 2014.

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The Californian new car market improves faster than the national US average in 2014: up 8% to an impressive 1,848,254 registrations, vs. +6.5% nationally. Toyota and Honda dominate the brands ranking, adding up to 30.2% share, above Ford (9.9%), Nissan (7.9%) and Chevrolet (6.9%). Luxury brands traditionally perform a lot better in California than nationally and this year is no different: BMW is up 15% to 6th place vs. #15 nationally, Mercedes ranks #7 vs. #14 and Lexus is up 20% #9 vs. #16. Notice also Jeep up 40% and Mazda up 18%.

Nissan Sentra California 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Nissan Sentra makes its first appearance inside the Californian Top 10 in 2014.

Model-wise, the Honda Accord overtakes both its little sister the Honda Civic and 2013 leader the Toyota Prius family to lead the way thanks to sales up 16% to 73,246. The Toyota Camry (+18%) and Corolla (+11%) hold onto their ranking at #4 and #5 respectively despite strong increases. The Ford F-Series is markedly weaker in California than it is nationally, ranking #6 and #1 domestic nameplate here (-4%). In fact, the Chevrolet Silverado at #10 (+23%) is the only other non-Japanese nameplate in the Top 10 which also welcomes the Nissan Sentra at #9.

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Full Year 2014 Top 20 models, sales data for 80 nameplates and Top 30 brands vs. Full Year 2013 figures below.

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