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New Zealand: 1973-2023 Historical Data now available

The Holden Kingswood was #1 in New Zealand in 1973.

We can now share with you Historical Data for New Zealand spanning 45 years, starting with the Holden Kingswood leading the way in 1973, then replaced by the Ford Cortina in 1977 and the Toyota Corolla, managing to take the lead of Kiwi sales a long time before it did in neighbouring Australia – 27 years to be exact – in 1984, then reclaiming the lead in 2008 until 2015 when the Ford Ranger took control. Like in Australia, the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon were very successful here.

New Zealand Historical Data:

New Zealand 1973: Holden Kingswood/Belmont hits record heights

New Zealand 1977-1983: Ford Cortina best-seller

New Zealand 1984-1986: Toyota Corolla reigns

New Zealand 1987: Holden Commodore reclaims lead off Toyota Corolla

New Zealand 2000-2003: Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon reign supreme

New Zealand 2004: Commodore, Falcon & Corolla on podium

New Zealand 2005: Commodore leads, Corolla up to #2

New Zealand 2006: Commodore & Corolla only 79 sales apart!

New Zealand 2007: Commodore strengthens lead at 5.9%

New Zealand 2008: Corolla passes Commodore for the first time

New Zealand 2009: Toyota Corolla #1 at 6.7%

New Zealand 2010: Toyota Corolla and Hilux dominate

New Zealand 2011: Toyota Corolla #1 ahead of Hilux and Suzuki Swift

New Zealand 2012: Toyota Corolla #1 for 5th consecutive year

New Zealand 2013: Toyota Corolla marks 6 years at #1 in strongest market since 1984

New Zealand 2014: Corolla #1, Ford Ranger ends 32 years of Toyota Hilux as #1 ute

New Zealand 2015: First year at #1 for Ford Ranger in record market

New Zealand 2016: Ford Ranger repeats in third straight record year

New Zealand 2017: Ranger #1, 3 Toyotas in Top 4, record sales

New Zealand 2018: Ford Ranger signs 4th straight win in 5th consecutive record year

New Zealand 2019: Ford Ranger secures 5th consecutive win in market down -4.3% to lowest in 3 years

New Zealand 2020: Kia (+12.7%) island of growth in market down -22.6%, Ford Ranger signs 6th straight win

New Zealand 2021: Mitsubishi (+95.3%) places Outlander at #3, Ranger leads for 7th year in record market

New Zealand 2022: Ford Ranger scores 8th straight win, Tesla Model Y wins one month

New Zealand 2023: Ford Ranger and Toyota RAV4 on top, MG and BYD up

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