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Russia Full Year 2014: Now with Top 434 All-models ranking

Nissan Terrano Russia 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe Nissan Terrano (a rebadged Renault Duster) found 10,843 Russian buyers in 2014.

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After going through the All-brands and Top 25 models rankings, it is now time to explore the Full Year 2014 Russian models sales charts in its entirety. Firstly this new ranking now includes LCVs with the GAZ Gazelle leading them all like in 2013 despite sales down 17% to #7 overall. Logically, the best performers just outside the familiar Annual Top 25 have pointed their bonnet in the monthly Top 25 at some stage this year: the VW Jetta is up 16% to #28 (peaking at #19 in December), the Opel Mokka up 67% to #30 (#23 in September), UAZ Patriot up 10% to #33 (#13 in October), the Skoda Rapid landing directly at #35 (#16 in July), Daewoo Gentra up 126% to #36 (#20 in January) and of course the Datsun on-DO at #51 but already cracking the Top 10 in December.

Toyota Highlander Russia 2014. Picture courtesy zr.ruToyota Highlander sales are up 87% year-on-year in Russia.

A few great success stories have however gone under the radar this year and that’s the benefit of now gaining a complete view of the market. Completely unaffected by the difficult economic situation in the country, a few large SUVs deliver some excellent results for the year, keeping in mind the market is down 10% year-on-year overall: the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is up 20% to #37, the Toyota Highlander up 87% to #46, Mitsubishi Pajero up 25% to #70, Volvo XC60 up 29% to #79, Mercedes M-Class up 15% to #87, Mercedes GL-Class up 1% to #88, Jeep Grand Cherokee up 56% to #89, Range Rover Sport up 41% to #127 and least but not least the legendary Mercedes G-Class up 35% to #210.

Lifan X60 Russia 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe Lifan X60 almost cracked the monthly Russian Top 25 in December.

But the two biggest surprises are the works of two smaller SUVs: the Nissan Terrano, a rebadged Renault Duster, launched in Russia in May and reached #33 overall in December thanks to 2,303 sales, finishing the year just outside the Top 50 at #53 with 10,842 units. The Lifan X60 for its part becomes the best-selling Chinese nameplate in Russia at #38 thanks to sales up 8% to 17,007 and surged to #26 ex-LCV in December at 2,927 units. It thus just missed a historical event as wee haven’t seen a Chinese nameplate inside the Russian Top 25 since the Chery Amulet in July 2007.

Chery Tiggo 5 Russia 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe Chery Tiggo 5 is one of 6 Chinese nameplates in the Russian Top 100 in December.

Other Chinese models shining in Russia this year include the Chery Tiggo FL is up 160% to #56, the Great Wall Wingle up 49% to #206 and the Great Wall Hover H6 up 465% to #212. A few new arrivals are promising for 2015: the Geely Emgrand X7 lands at #116 but ranked #75 in December, the Chery Tiggo 5 arrives at #179 but up to #86 in December, the Geely GC6 at #152 in the Full Year but #88 in December and the Chery Bonus 3 at #224 in 2014 but #130 in December. The rest all plunge: the Great Wall Hover H3/H5 (-36%), Lifan Smily (-36%), Chery Indis (-43%), Geely Emgrand (-46%), Lifan Solano (-57%), Chery Very (-59%), Geely MK (-64%) and Geely MK Cross (-66%)…

Nissan Sentra Russia December 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe Nissan Sentra lands at #151 this year but is already up to #44 in December.

A few other good behaviours in the overall ranking to notice: the Ford Kuga up 31% to #40, Kia new Cerato up 58% to #47, Nissan Teana up 72% to #58, Mercedes Sprinter up a mammoth 170% to #61, the Audi A3 up 43% thanks to the sedan version to crack the Top 100 at #98 and the Mercedes S-Class up a gigantic 163% thanks to the new generation to #113 and 4,331 sales.

Ford Ecosport Russia 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruA much needed addition to the Ford Russia range: the Ecosport, #62 in December.

Below the Skoda Rapid (#35), Datsun on-DO (#51) and Nissan Terrano (#53) and apart from the Chinese models mentioned above, the other successful new entrants in the Russian market in 2014 are the Suzuki new SX4 at #86, Kia new Soul at #106, Mercedes GLA at #131, Ford Ecosport at #149 but #62 in December, Nissan Sentra at #151 but up to an excellent #44 in December and the Hyundai Grand Santa Fe at #163. The Peugeot 2008 (#176), Porsche Macan (#185) and Lexus NX (#254) are surprisingly weak.

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Full Year 2014 Top 434 All-models vs. Full 2013 figures below.

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