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Cyprus Full Year 2014: Nissan Qashqai snaps last minute top spot

Nissan Qashqai Cyprus 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frNissan Qashqai

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According to data provided by SEMO Cyprus and analysed by INNOSOFT, the Cypriot new car market has turned the corner this year: after falling down 32% in 2013, it is back up 17% in 2014 to 8,283 registrations. We knew the Ford Fiesta wouldn’t be able to make it 4 consecutive years on top in 2014 as it quickly fell to third place, but the final leader is a surprise: whereas the Toyota Yaris held the top spot for most of 2014, the Nissan Qashqai benefits from a bumper month of December (9.4% share!) to snap up the top spot at the very last minute thanks to 394 sales and 4.8%. The Yaris follows at 4.6% with the Fiesta (3.9%) and VW Golf (3.5%) below.

Range Rover Evoque Cyprus 2014The Range Rover Evoque is at a world-best #6 in Cyprus in 2014!

Being one of the smallest markets in Europe, Cyprus offers a unique models ranking abnormally skewed towards popular rentals and up-market fares: the Volvo XC60 sees its sales grow 8-fold compared to 2013 to land at an astonishing 5th place with 3.3% share, the same ranking it holds at home in Sweden. Even more impressive, the Range Rover Evoque is up 4-fold on a year ago to a world-best #6 and 3% share… Notice also the Mercedes CLA at #27 and the Jaguar XF at #29. Among spectacular year-on-year progressions, let’s salute the Honda CR-V up 117% to #8, Toyota RAV4 up 619% to #9, Renault Captur up 1480% to #15 for its first full year of sales and the Toyota Corolla up 264% to #18.

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Full Year 2014 Top 30 models vs. Full Year 2013 figures below.

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