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China October 2014: Baojun 730 up to 6th place

Baojun 730 China October 2014. Picture courtesy of mycar168.comThe Baojun 730 is the 6th most popular light vehicle in China this month.

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Sales of new passenger cars in China confirm their cooling off, up ‘just’ 6.6% year-on-year in October to 1.708.900 units, still a higher growth rate than the #2 market in the world, the USA. Although most analysts announce the end of double-digit growth in China “forever” and use words such as the Chinese market is “struggling”, I remain positive about the largest new vehicle market in the world. This modest (for China) YOY increase reflects a particularly high October 2013 which was up 24% on the year before, as the abating of tensions with Japan meant Japanese carmakers were absorbing a backlog of missed sales.

The different segments evolve in radically different ways: while microvans dropped a very harsh 33% to 84.800 units and sedan sales were down for the first time this year at -1% to 1.052.500 SUVs surged 37% to 388.729 (after gaining 73% in October 2013) and MPVs increased by 33% to 178,321 units after tripling one year ago… All in all, this brings the Chinese passenger car year-to-date total to a record 15.888.300 deliveries, still up a robust 10% on 2013. That’s for passenger cars, but China’s commercial truck and bus market remained weak this month: down 15% to 278,300 units. As a result, combined sales of passenger vehicles and commercial trucks were up only 3% in October to 1.987.200. The total vehicle sales for its part is up 7% to 18.988.100 units. At this rate the Chinese market will absorb a record 23.3 million new vehicles over the Full Year 2014, up from 22 million in 2013.

Haval H6 China October 2014. Picture courtesy of autohome.comThe Haval H6 becomes the first SUV to sell over 30,000 monthly units in China.

Interestingly, Chinese brands are the ones benefiting the most from the SUV and MPV explosion, with 7 representants in the Top 30 vs. just 3 one year ago including 4 MPVs. The Wuling Hongguang is master in command once again with just over 60,000 sales, a 10% YOY increase, followed by the VW Lavida (+7%) kept afloat by its hatchback variant which represents 25% of its sales while the Ford Focus tumbles down 17% in third position. The Nissan Sylphy is up 25% to deliver its best monthly volume so far in 2014 at 30,680 and the Haval H6 continues its unstoppable ascension, smashing its volume record for the 12th time in the past 16 months by 2.600 units to 30.373 sales, the first time any SUV sells over 30,000 units in the history of automobile in China!

Dongfeng Joyear China October 2014The Dongfeng Joyear beat its ranking and volume records for the 2nd straight month.

The most impressive development of the month occurs in 6th position: for its third month in market, the low-cost MPV Baojun 730 improves another 8 spots on September to make its grand entrance inside China’s Top 10 thanks to a huge 25,506 sales. The 730 went from #26 in August to #14 and now #6, by far the fastest climb to the top from any new nameplate in China since BSCB started following this country monthly a little less than a decade ago. The most fascinating part of this meteoric sales debut is that it has not affected the Wuling Hongguang for the least part, the latter being stable around 60,000 monthly sales all along. Very smart move from SAIC-GM-Wuling who manufactures both models.

In a repeat from last month, these two are not the only MPVs to beat records: both the Dongfeng Joyear (up 86% to #27 and 13,050 sales) and the Dongfeng Fengguang (up 93% to 11,052 units and #43) smash their ranking and volume records for the 2nd month in a row. Add to them the Chana Honor up 27% to #28 and 12,909 sales and the Beijing Weiwang M20 up a huge 192% YOY to #72 and a very impressive picture in painted indeed for affordable Chinese MPVs, the new format du jour in China.

Toyota Corolla China October 2014. Picture courtest of monthly volume for the Toyota Corolla nameplate this month in China.

Knocking on the Top 10’s door is the Toyota Corolla, boosted by the new generation and accelerating its rise to +73% YOY vs. +43% in September, achieving 21,480 sales for a #11 ranking, the Corolla’s best ranking since May 2012 and, most significantly, its strongest ever monthly volume, beating the 20,044 units from August 2011 when it ranked #3 overall. At #15, the Emgrand EC7 is now firmly back in the #1 Chinese sedan spot at #15, well above the ChangAn Eado up a huge 106% to #23.

Haval H2 China October 2014The Haval H2 is one of 7 Chinese SUVs in the Top 70 to break their volume records this month.

Two recently launched Chinese SUVs brilliantly break the 10,000 monthly deliveries milestone for the first time this month at home: the Haval H2 is p 41% on September for its 4th month of sales to 11,678 units at #37 and the ChangAn CS75 is up 12% to 10,347 units, also breaking into the Top 50 for the first time at #50 and making it two ChangAn SUVs among China’s 50 best-sellers along with the CS35 at #47 (+35%). Notice also the Chery Tiggo 3 up 153% YOY to #33. Outside the Top 50, 4 additional Chinese SUVs reach all-time high volumes this month: the JAC Refine S3 is up 62% on September to #56 and 9,900 sales, the Beijing Auto Huansu S3 is up 25% to #61 and 9,337 units, the FAW Besturn X80 up 58% YOY to #66 and 8,199 and the Zotye T600 up to #68 and 8,165 sales.

ChangAn Benben China October 2014. Picture courtesy of auto.163.comThe new model lifts the ChangAn Benben to #88.

As far as recent (re)launches are concerned, let’s salute the Toyota Levin passing the 10,000 monthly unit-milestone for its 3rd month in market at #44 and 11,016 deliveries, the Honda Fit up 4-fold on the old model a year ago to #45 and 10,942 sales, the Luxgen 6 SUV defying the brand’s sales perimeter and up a further 10 spots to a record #82 and 6,502 units, the ChangAn Benben back up 64 spots on last month to #88 thanks to a very sexy new generation and dragging its competitor the BYD F0 along (+96 to #93), the Honda Odyssey up 158% YOY to #96 here too thanks to a new generation, the Mazda6 Atenza up 32 ranks to a best-ever #103 and the GAC Trumpchi GA3S up one to a record-breaking 5,001 deliveries.

Dongfeng Fengshen A30 China October 2014. Picture courtesy of auto.163.com2nd month in market and the A30 already represents 60% of Dongfeng Fengshen sales.

The two high potential China-only Korean nameplates launched last month are ramping up nicely, both already ranking inside the Top 100: the Hyundai ix25 is up 53% and 27 spots on its introductory month to #94 and 6,080 sales (above the Chevy Trax and Peugeot 2008) and the Kia K4 is up 28% and 14 ranks to #100 and 5,522 units. Another model launched last month achieves something many thought impossible: reviving a dying Chinese sedan sub-brand: the DongFeng Fengshan A30 is up 8-fold on its initial month of sales, going from #246 and 487 units to #132 and 3,937 deliveries. This is to be compared with 1,232 units for the Fengshan A60, 837 for the S30 and 447 for the H30. Fengshan being Dongfeng’s only sedan sub-brand, the manufacturer may have nailed the survival of its sedan business just then.

Geely King Kong China October 2014. Picture courtesy of Geely King Kong hits its highest monthly volume since November 2011.

Another interesting development by a Chinese manufacturer this month is Geely finally reaping the benefits of streamlining its stable of brands earlier in the year, when it killed Shanghai Englon and Gleagle to concentrate on Geely and Emgrand. All Geely models are now gaining ground on last month: the Geely King Kong is up 14 spots and 87% year-on-year to #65 and 8,367 sales, the Geely GX7 up 7 ranks to #81, Geely Vision up 37 spots and 30% YOY to #147, Geely SC7 up 49 to #151, Geely Panda up 34 to #160, Geely Freedom Ship up 3 to #178 and the TX4 taxi up 7 to #255, going from one lonely unit sold in October 2013 to 378 this month…

FAW Besturn B70 China October 2014. Picture courtesy of FAW Besturn B70 multiplies its sales by 10 compared to a year ago.

Finally, notice the Haima Family up 186% on October 2013 to #90, the FAW Besturn B70 up 10-fold YOY to #139 and 3,529 sales thanks to the new generation, the BYD G5 up 347% on its introductory score last month to #158 with 2,725 deliveries, the Lifan 630 taking off at last, up 4-fold YOY to #165, the Hawtai Lusheng E70 unlocking unsuspected potential at an incredible +1522% YOY to #183 and the Qoros 3 still very lukewarm at 836 sales and #224, its best monthly volume and ranking so far after an excruciating 9 months in market.

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Full October 2014 Top 325 All-models and Top 10 manufacturers Ranking Tables below.

Note these rankings exclude imports.

China October 2014 – manufacturers:

1FAW Volkswagen146,4598.6%
2Shanghai GM141,3058.3%
3Shanghai Volkswagen140,0088.2%
5Beijing Hyundai92,4555.4%
6Dongfeng Nissan85,5435.0%
8ChangAn Ford69,4654.1%
9Great Wall61,4803.6%
10Dongfeng PSA60,0243.5%

China October 2014 – models:

1Wuling Hongguang60,50010%1604,31111
2VW Lavida41,8667%2420,50922
3Ford Focus32,883-17%3327,18733
4Nissan Sylphy30,68025%11232,67098
5Haval H630,37343%5253,489512
6Baojun 73025,506new1458,52880
7VW Sagitar25,00419%6260,00946
8VW Jetta24,279-12%15249,29477
9Buick Excelle23,4150%4243,01084
10Hyundai Elantra Langdong22,82157%8201,9601313
11Toyota Corolla21,48073%17120,8992827
12VW Tiguan20,11920%16208,6591115
13VW Passat19,9254%20194,9301511
14Chevrolet Sail19,858-6%7198,798145
15Emgrand EC719,008-6%19117,5712918
16Chevrolet Cruze18,946-28%9209,904109
17Hyundai Verna18,6579%12194,3991617
18VW Magotan18,0423%24177,7761819
19VW Golf17,80090%18160,7321948
20Buick Excelle XT/GT17,5143%13202,7561214
21VW Polo16,04530%34136,0512224
22VW Bora16,013-26%21193,0161710
23ChangAn Eado15,758102%23133,0432460
24Kia K315,33129%22141,6632029
25VW Santana15,100-16%10249,480620
26Honda CR-V14,148-27%59135,6022316
27Dongfeng Joyear13,05086%3390,8774274
28Chana Honor12,90927%26117,2403059
29Kia K212,8059%31123,2672628
30Hyundai Mistra12,733new32108,95435191
31Toyota Camry12,651-19%28130,0322521
32Honda Accord12,58026%4968,7936839
33Chery Tiggo 312,566153%3079,6395466
34Audi A6L12,071-15%27138,2842125
35Skoda Octavia12,06115%4390,5284338
36Chevrolet Malibu11,69233%3698,3854051
37Haval H211,678new6025,085154
38Nissan X-Trail11,645654%2986,81948194
39Hyundai ix3511,517-16%40115,3653223
40Ford Kuga11,34618%37111,7073453
41Honda Crider11,336-9%25122,5532758
42Toyota RAV411,2660%7099,8593940
43Dongfeng Fengguang11,05293%5061,22073151
44Toyota Levin11,016new4627,592147
45Honda Fit10,942308%4755,77286118
46BMW 5-Series L10,78726%39115,7353135
47ChangAn CS3510,73335%4185,9604968
48Toyota Vios10,6571096%35103,31437160
49Ford Mondeo10,63136%4889,10645134
50ChangAn CS7510,347new5236,639122
51Nissan Teana10,320-13%6288,3524644
52Buick Regal10,06923%4290,0644463
53BYD S69,988-1%6684,2405057
54Audi A4L9,9573%4596,1534136
55Audi Q59,9117%5187,8614747
56JAC Refine S39,900new8918,003180
57Citroen C-Elysée9,85486%38102,8433871
58BYD F39,51386%4481,9145164
59Dongfeng Future9,500-5%54106,2093643
60Chery Tiggo 59,482new5774,31561249
61Beijing Auto Huansu S39,337new6722,089165
62Peugeot 3089,04522%5577,8145765
63Kia Sportage R8,60511%6176,7146062
64Buick LaCrosse8,59310%6466,4867061
65Geely King Kong8,36787%7960,56676114
66FAW Besturn X808,19958%7863,22472116
67Hyundai Elantra Yuedong8,196-32%53112,1113322
68Zotye T6008,165new7445,611103317
69Citroen C-Quatre8,157-4%5677,0785849
70Beijing Auto E-Series7,896-10%7261,0027485
71Ford Ecosport7,82721%6568,4556987
72Beijing Weiwang M207,648192%16058,17681200
73Venucia R50/D507,583-33%8681,4435245
74BMW 3-Series L7,30282%5878,4335686
75Great Wall M47,159-38%6376,9215931
76Roewe 3507,098-36%8379,8645341
77Honda Jade6,819-9%11250,35093161
78Buick Encore6,80319%7569,4556584
79FAW Besturn B506,71833%7756,6718382
80Nissan Qashqai6,533-53%9473,9286233
81Geely GX76,5034%8849,9589497
82Luxgen 6 SUV6,502new9225,420152
83Mazda3 Axela6,500new8230,526137
84Toyota Corolla EX6,496-43%8171,4276326
85Audi Q36,39527%7170,17264128
86GAC Trumpchi GS56,2554%9660,1137977
87Mitsubishi ASX6,24752%14842,795109132
88ChangAn Benben6,24344%15242,859108102
89Nissan Sunny6,239-25%10252,8789042
90Haima Family6,218186%9840,637115147
91ChangAn Yuexiang V36,2054%8760,4157867
92Peugeot 4086,16529%10148,2819993
93BYD F06,093127%18932,60413396
94Hyundai ix256,080new12110,052218
95Nissan Tiida5,897-56%10779,0265530
96Honda Odyssey5,842158%10920,682176162
97Citroen C4L5,677-8%9356,0928590
98Peugeot 30085,60912%6955,5538799
99Chery E35,539-18%12054,23889157
100Kia K45,522new11411,935203
101Ford Fiesta5,5053%9152,13291105
102Great Wall Voleex C305,309-48%13444,21310532
103Chevrolet Trax5,268new9533,083131
104JAC Refine5,19313%10049,4949594
105Suzuki Beidouxing5,170-26%11748,16010072
106Mazda6 Atenza5,157new13820,928174
107Peugeot 20085,137new9032,425134
108Hyundai Santa Fe5,006-13%12254,6648869
109GAC Trumpchi GA3S5,001new11011,822205
110Beijing Senova D505,000new9927,670146
111Buick GL84,926-35%8069,1236773
112Peugeot 3014,876new10660,74075253
113Kia K54,8146%10346,52710192
114Brilliance H3304,813-27%11944,091106165
115BYD F3 Surui4,801-53%8458,1388234
116ChangAn Ouliwei4,77487%11638,491118176
117Lifan X604,731-6%10448,3859891
118Toyota Highlander4,719-42%8569,3226655
119Skoda Rapid4,685-11%9764,31671133
120Kia Forte Furuidi4,67873%10556,56584123
121Mazda CX-54,5273%11142,473112175
122Toyota Reiz4,523-31%12634,72712879
123Chery QQ4,493-39%6848,4419737
125Honda Civic4,389-32%16442,22211380
126Toyota Yaris L4,363new10860,45677280
127BYD L34,356-52%7343,60910752
128FAW Xiali N3/N5/N74,204-55%12445,37910450
129Mercedes GLK4,14027%11837,503121120
130Nissan Livina4,133-31%13048,8369675
131BMW X14,036141%12837,946120174
132Dongfeng Fengshan A303,937new2464,424267
133VW CC3,91034%12939,760116117
134Fiat Viaggio3,89116%11536,526124106
135Haima S53,849new12525,631151
136Mercedes E-Klasse L3,808-5%11336,543123130
137Suzuki Alto3,7743%13642,51411189
138Hyundai Sonata 83,550-56%14546,15010246
139FAW Besturn B703,5291061%14316,893185232
140Suzuki S-Cross3,475new13135,752126285
141Haval H53,473-19%15041,18611483
142Zotye Z3003,472-38%12339,20011788
143Haima M33,439-48%18342,730110112
144Suzuki Liana3,435368%13524,049157225
145Gonow Xinglang MPV3,431257%14227,720145248
146Chevrolet Aveo3,37264%13223,910158135
147Geely Vision3,34730%18420,572177136
148Great Wall Voleex C503,321-53%13733,20013078
149Kia Sportage3,140-24%15433,947129113
150Audi A33,077new7622,372164
151Geely SC73,038-35%19023,393159109
152Mercedes C-Klasse2,981-8%12728,565142124
153Buick Envision2,880new2,880283
154Lianhua L32,819-36%15928,971141111
155Brilliance V52,788-24%16525,811150107
156VW Touran2,74212%13930,548136137
157Hawtai Santa Fe2,732157%16614,311194192
158BYD G52,725new2373,335277
159Skoda Superb2,652-26%15725,050155129
160Geely Panda2,63339%19420,895175138
161Citroen C52,620-20%15527,878144121
162Volvo S60L2,552new17,564183
163Suzuki Swift2,535-12%15329,852139155
164Landwind X5/X6/X8/X92,45247%16327,408148178
165Lifan 6302,402299%1989,697221272
166Chevrolet Epica2,35588%21511,852204185
167Soueast V3 Lingyue2,313-54%14926,30414998
168Peugeot 5082,3115%17122,874162164
169Chevrolet Captiva2,302-37%17028,550143126
170Lianhua L52,289-41%17621,157170148
171Cadillac XTS2,211-4%15125,129153181
172Hawtai (Baolige) B352,195278%17812,818199220
173Fiat Ottimo2,132new16715,524189
174ChangAn Yuexiang V52,081-51%14432,663132100
175Venucia R302,079new1339,690222
176Suzuki SX42,067-20%17217,834181145
177JAC Heyue2,040-26%20021,591168127
178Geely Freedom Ship2,039-48%18116,821187125
179Hyundai Tucson2,008-60%20423,35516095
180JMC Yusheng2,000-3%20922,392163196
181Chery Arrizo 71,977-48%17421,987167199
182Jinbei Granse1,9472%20810,984213183
183Hawtai Lusheng E701,8171522%1858,698229282
184Skoda Rapid Spaceback1,803new17714,522193
185Dongfeng Shuai1,795-32%17522,982161152
186Baojun 6301,767-65%18031,15313576
187Honda City1,731-78%16936,20712554
188BYD Qin1,702new18611,175211337
189Skoda Yeti1,677832%18714,870191262
190Lifan 6201,625-54%15820,974173122
191Suzuki Lingyang1,595-3%21211,554206171
192Lifan 5301,584106%2389,537224255
193Haima S7 Knight1,564-60%19621,157171115
194DS 5LS1,470new2239,772220
195Nissan NV2001,449-1%20115,393190188
196Chery Fulwin 21,372-76%14729,94113870
197Lifan 7201,35028%20317,652182227
198Skoda Fabia1,330-48%19917,083184142
199DS 61,308new1,308304
200Hyundai Elantra1,305-52%14029,252140139
201Baojun Yuechi (Spark)1,300-57%17321,302169150
202MG 31,288-60%17924,570156110
203Dongfeng Fengshan H30/S301,283-70%15635,165127103
204FAW Weizhi V51,280-11%20210,416217167
205Kia Cerato1,236-25%19214,809192169
206Dongfeng Fengshan A601,232-53%14620,412178159
207Toyota E’Z Yizhi1,222-21%20513,885195190
208Zotye Z1001,21937%19318,022179259
209Chery E51,212-18%21410,493216104
210Honda Vezel1,209new1,209307
211Changfeng Kingbox DUV1,124-42%21313,855196172
212Cadillac ATS-L1,101new2063,485275
213Honda Crosstour1,064-67%19116,825186108
214FAW Daihatsu Xenia S80/M801,049-74%21116,317188119
215Toyota Crown1,021-57%22012,992198173
216Zotye E201,021new1885,463257
217BYD G6993-26%2867,608234166
218JAC Heyue A30983-65%21710,619215228
219Lifan 330946206%2247,586235263
220Ford Mondeo Classic919-19%21611,376208141
221BYD Sirui918-38%2687,496236210
222Beijing Auto Huansu S2856new1616,866242
223BAW (Beijing) Jeep845105%2225,782251251
224Qoros 3836new2265,146263
225Soueast V5 Lingzhi822-53%20713,462197140
226Roewe 550820-48%2259,503225170
227JAC Refine S5806-65%22121,103172154
228Jiangnan Alto788n/a21011,032212168
229Gonow Saboo G3/Aoosed G577361%2337,042240270
230Brilliance H230749-77%19711,978201101
231JAC Tongyue740-49%2306,775244177
232ChangAn Raeton715-20%2277,289237238
233Brilliance H530706-46%2317,133239189
234Volvo XC60706new706318
235Kia Soul704-22%2287,895232218
236BYD M6692-9%2525,515255243
237Jonway A380672-12%2415,391259231
238Roewe W5659-22%2349,145227213
239Hyundai Sonata MoInca582-40%2328,592230197
240Mazda3 Xingcheng575-72%2395,572253153
241Peugeot 307573-40%2595,429258193
242Yema F1254234%2199,152226246
243Mercedes Vito473-17%2475,602252247
244Toyota Prado462-75%21811,328209184
245Haima Prince447n/a2771,176308335
246Huanghai Aurora437-56%2546,703246208
247Honda Elysion428-69%2426,731245211
248Karry Youya427-19%2654,572265240
249MG 6426-71%2299,980219182
250Brilliance H220424new2368,749228269
251Mitsubishi Pajero Sport42322%2554,120269271
252BAW (Beijing) B40400new2516,544247
253Maxus G10389new2482,209290
254Yema F16388new388332
255Geely TX437837700%2621,996295341
256Volvo S80L354-17%2603,848271266
257Emgrand EC8322-57%2532,528288216
258MG 5314-57%2407,164238226
259Linian S1313-19%2983,989270198
260Nissan Paladin295-23%2662,721285256
261GAC Trumpchi GA5293-71%2732,991281235
262Chery Cowin 2292-9%2576,526248187
263Foton MP-X292-51%2505,557254241
264JAC Yueyue288-77%2563,623274195
265FAW Besturn B90284-73%3192,821284230
266JAC Heyue RS258-89%25812,579200149
267Luxgen 7 SUV256-79%2357,957231180
268Mercedes Viano252-25%2673,156280264
269Brilliance Zunchi (BS6)228307%2491,700300304
270Luxgen 5 Sedan224-87%2856,186250223
271Haima 2 Cupid222-87%2893,667273179
273Changfeng Leopaard211new2721,255306
274DS 5210new2646,497249291
275Brilliance Junjie Cross2085100%306957312284
276Beijing Senova D70200-81%2443,406276217
277BYD e6199116%2742,203291286
278Mazda6 Ruiwing198-88%2756,827243186
279Volvo XC Classic191new191345
280ChangAn CX20190-95%16838,236119146
281Lifan 320162-94%2781,971297158
282Great Wall M2152-83%2692,444289221
283Mitsubishi Lancer EX142-86%2635,238261209
284Luxgen 7 MPV11727%291826315296
285Soueast V6 Lingshi112-88%2704,309268202
286Landwind Fashion108238%301281337326
287Mazda CX-797new2802,110292
288Brilliance FSV941%24511,976202156
289Mitsubishi Lancer94-76%2432,977282254
290Toyota Land Cruiser 20094-80%2872,561287252
291Mitsubishi Pajero91-22%3201,943298267
292Zotye T200 (5008)90-97%2795,240260144
293Venucia Morning Wind90new292259341332
294FAW Junpai D6089new89356
295Haima Freema73-83%2951,986296207
296Toyota Prius7229%2991,165309281
297Roewe 95062-69%2962,107293265
298Lifan 520/520i61-74%290572325229
299Dongfeng Oting6011%303466328308
300FAW Weizhi V251-29%2881,448302276
301Roewe 75047-84%2831,101310273
302Chery X146-98%1955,490256201
303Roewe E5042740%46360319
304BAW (Beijing) Beiqi 2020 series40new281636322325
306BYD G338-89%2942,074294239
307Foton MP-X Midi30200%293683320289
308Brilliance Junjie (BS4)28-78%3041,306305274
309Changfeng CS623-28%313263339312
310Nissan Murano21-68%314158349322
311Chery V520122%80357292
312Great Wall Voleex C20R15-98%3091,633301222
313BAW (Beijing) Luba14n/a32619366324
314MG GT13new13368
315Haima M810n/a311324334329
316Hawtai Terracan980%312102351321
317Mitsubishi Galant8-47%61358334
318Mitsubishi Zinger6-92%310349333302
319VW Santana Vista2-100%32321,99316681
320Kia Rio2-99%2973,273279260
321Suzuki Splash2-99%324450330295
322BAW (Beijing) 0072-75%307173347316
323Chery M12n/a302165348331
324Ciimo Si Ming1-100%3089,568223203
325Yema F101-100%305767317277

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