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USA 5 months 2014: Toyota Camry back on podium

Lincoln MKC USA May 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Lincoln MKC is one of 3 all-new models to pop up in the US ranking this month.

* See the Top 266 best-selling models and Top 38 brands by clicking on the title! *

As is the tradition on BSCB, after going through May figures for the US we now explore year-to-date data to try and extract longer-term trends. After 5 months the American new light vehicle market is up a healthy 5% year-on-year to 6.7 million units, and there is one significant change in the year-to-date Top 10 models this month: below traditional leaders the Ford F-Series (+2%) and Chevrolet Silverado (-1%) both relatively stable, the Toyota Camry (+6%) passes the Ram Pick-up (+21%) to reclaim the third spot it held over the Full Year 2013 with 181,876 units vs. 170,711.

Acura MDX USA May 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Acura MDX is the fastest growing model in the Top 80 so far in 2014.

The Nissan Altima remains the 2nd best-selling passenger car in the country in 5th place overall thanks to sales up 7% to 150,342 units, ahead of the Honda Accord (-5%), Toyota Corolla (+8%) and Ford Fusion (1%) with the Honda Civic (+5%) and CR-V (+8%) rounding up the Top 10. The greatest gainers in the Top 50 also include the Chevrolet Cruze at #12 (+18%), Nissan Rogue at #19 (+33%), Nissan Sentra at #22 (+37%), Subaru Forester at #31 (+51%), Hyundai Santa Fe at #45 (+29%) and Mazda CX-5 at #47 (+36%).

Jeep Cherokee USA May 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comMost successful newcomer of the past 12 month by far: the Jeep Cherokee.

If we broaden the net to the Top 100, the fastest growing models are the Lexus IS at #92 (+122%), Buick Encore at #94 (+96%), Acura MDX at #80 (+79%) and BMW X3 at #90 (+75%). As far as all-new models are concerned, only 13 have entered the US ranking over the past 12 months, including 3 in May alone: the Porsche Macan arrives at #233 with 1,263 sales, the Lincoln MKC ranks 243rd with 677 units and the BMW i3 is #249 with 336 sales. Still at the bottom of the ladder for now, with the only newcomer cracking the Top 100 for now being the Jeep Cherokee at #26 with 67,095 units. It is followed by the Infiniti Q50 at #110, Mercedes CLA at #143 and Mitsubishi Mirage at #164.

Nissan Altima USA May 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.com2014 is a record year for Nissan in the USA.

Brand-wise, below the traditional podium composed of Ford at 1,006,710 sales (-2%), Chevrolet at 839,341 (+2%) and Toyota at 822,698 (+4%), Nissan edges out Honda to step up to 4th place thanks to sales up a magnificent 14% to 544,067 units vs. 543,668 for Honda, stable year-on-year. Jeep is up an astounding 49% year-on-year to #7 with 275,796 sales, Subaru is up 19% to #10, RAM up 24%, BMW up 12%, Lexus up 19%, Infiniti up 18%, Lincoln up 21%, Mitsubishi up 34% and Maserati up 357%.

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Full January-May 2014 Top 266 models and Top 38 brands Ranking Tables below.

USA January-May 2014 – brands:

28Land Rover22,14813%19,5162929
38Rolls Royce321215%102n/a40

USA January-May 2014 – models:

1Ford F-Series305,2652%299,47711
2Chevrolet Silverado197,150-1%199,32722
3Toyota Camry181,8766%171,75633
4Ram Pick-up170,71121%140,67565
5Nissan Altima150,3427%140,88357
6Honda Accord147,196-5%155,18344
7Toyota Corolla143,4098%132,51489
8Ford Fusion137,8941%136,833711
9Honda Civic134,7965%128,98096
10Honda CR-V128,5638%119,191118
11Ford Escape127,7800%127,9321010
12Chevrolet Cruze119,33018%100,8181512
13Chevrolet Equinox99,083-4%102,7521414
14Toyota RAV495,36318%80,7341816
15Hyundai Elantra95,329-8%104,0811313
16Ford Focus94,690-15%111,6411215
17Chevrolet Malibu87,368-3%89,8121618
18Ford Explorer87,1709%79,7141919
19Nissan Rogue84,23633%63,5332723
20Hyundai Sonata81,152-3%83,5561717
21GMC Sierra77,7859%71,0652020
22Nissan Sentra76,80137%56,2403029
23Jeep Grand Cherokee74,55816%64,1702621
24Jeep Wrangler69,29813%61,5632928
25Kia Optima68,9470%68,8592127
26Jeep Cherokee67,095new0 –132
27VW Jetta64,217-3%66,4832322
28Chevrolet Impala64,121-3%66,1272526
29Toyota Tacoma62,976-6%67,1652224
30Kia Soul62,67721%51,7443641
31Subaru Forester61,08351%40,5785036
32Toyota Highlander60,58320%50,6813932
33Dodge Grand Caravan59,60921%49,2474035
34Toyota Prius59,489-10%66,3732425
35Chrysler Town & Country56,76116%48,7704238
36Nissan Versa56,3272%55,0563243
37Ford Econoline55,1154%52,7833434
38Honda Odyssey52,3860%52,2653531
39Ford Edge51,368-7%55,3923130
40Subaru Outback51,2304%49,1014142
41Toyota Sienna50,551-1%50,8373739
42Toyota Tundra49,01017%41,8064944
43BMW 3 & 4 Series45,11418%38,2055340
45Hyundai Santa Fe43,07529%33,5026254
46VW Passat42,553-6%45,2454345
47Mazda CX-542,33236%31,2016663
48Kia Sorento42,090-4%44,0464546
49GMC Terrain41,944-2%42,6174749
50Chevrolet Traverse41,461-4%42,9994651
51Dodge Charger41,323-2%42,1694850
52Honda Pilot40,850-20%50,8023833
53Chevrolet Sonic40,6728%37,7835557
54Dodge Journey39,7039%36,4375858
55Chevrolet Camaro38,95111%35,0765961
56Lexus RX38,8384%37,1715748
57Chrysler 20037,833-40%62,6552837
58Jeep Patriot37,05518%31,4256567
59Subaru Impreza36,99215%32,1996366
60Ford Mustang36,6008%33,8686165
61Dodge Avenger35,119-34%53,4363352
62Chevrolet Tahoe34,691-1%35,0676059
63Nissan Pathfinder33,603-12%38,1795455
64GMC Acadia33,147-11%37,3185653
65Kia Forte32,10516%27,7317172
66Chevrolet Express31,378-1%31,7346464
67Dodge Dart30,742-20%38,5125160
68Nissan Frontier30,22126%23,9037673
69Toyota 4Runner29,53238%21,3628285
70Ford Fiesta28,631-1%28,8016969
71Hyundai Accent28,54418%24,2227576
72Ford Taurus28,379-3%29,3866862
73Subaru XV Crosstrek28,33139%20,4388581
74Mercedes E Class28,09622%23,0507871
75Dodge Durango27,89218%23,7157774
76Jeep Compass27,79028%21,7448084
77Lexus ES27,662-1%27,8137068
78Mercedes C Class27,427-28%38,2635256
79Toyota Avalon26,426-15%30,9456770
80Acura MDX25,77479%14,38611383
81Chevrolet Captiva Sport24,85214%21,7787989
82Cadillac SRX24,21221%20,0788779
83Buick Enclave23,940-8%25,9197275
84Nissan Juke23,20261%14,418112108
85Chrysler 30022,448-11%25,1657377
87Dodge Challenger21,904-12%24,8817486
88Buick LaCrosse19,948-3%20,4838488
89Nissan Maxima19,923-1%20,1048680
90BMW X319,69775%11,259128126
91BMW 5 Series19,677-8%21,4078178
92Lexus IS19,641122%8,867140112
93Hyundai Tucson19,5606%18,4079199
94Buick Encore19,51596%9,972135121
95Acura RDX18,8644%18,1779391
96Chevrolet Spark18,59128%14,484111114
97BMW X518,4662%18,05394103
98Honda Fit18,126-12%20,4868382
99Buick Verano18,106-4%18,9449090
100Mercedes M Class18,04915%15,661107100
101Ford Expedition17,47820%14,530110106
102Nissan Murano17,3670%17,4099992
103Toyota Prius C16,992-1%17,13310197
104Chevrolet Suburban16,987-5%17,8509587
105Kia Rio16,709-14%19,49188101
106Kia Sportage16,36626%12,969117115
107Lincoln MKZ15,98642%11,260127118
108Audi Q515,9037%14,817109102
109Audi A415,653-7%16,76510596
110Infiniti Q5015,583new0 –155
111Ford Transit Connect15,226-10%16,914103104
112Chevrolet Corvette15,021212%4,820176159
113Mercedes GLK14,87215%12,940118117
114Fiat 50014,851-15%17,56298110
115Subaru Legacy14,723-23%19,0458995
116GMC Yukon14,65842%10,308131129
117Toyota Venza13,932-21%17,73797109
118Cadillac CTS13,8349%12,717120119
119VW Beetle13,543-22%17,40710094
120Infiniti QX60/JX13,4418%12,435124122
121Mitsubishi Outlander Sport12,88931%9,813136133
122Cadillac ATS12,552-20%15,724106107
123Hyundai Veloster12,4161%12,303126125
124Toyota Prius V11,971-23%15,629108113
125GMC Savana11,93689%6,320162161
126Lincoln MKX11,33218%9,637137136
127Hyundai Genesis10,937-19%13,464115120
128VW Tiguan10,758-18%13,074116127
129Ford Flex10,6042%10,415130131
130Buick Regal10,56042%7,437156150
131Ford C-Max10,510-38%16,996102111
132Nissan LEAF10,38936%7,614152139
133Infiniti G / Q6010,317-44%18,36792105
134BMW X110,2590%10,216133130
135Mercedes GL Class9,997-20%12,527122128
136Cadillac XTS9,797-21%12,450123116
137Audi A69,71921%8,047147141
138Mercedes S Class9,45176%5,370169172
140GMC Yukon XL9,349-27%12,880119123
141Mercedes Sprinter9,28223%7,517154142
142VW Golf8,941-37%14,182114124
143Mercedes CLA Class8,918new0 –169
144Volvo S608,884-13%10,233132137
145Mini Countryman8,6652%8,474143144
146Lexus GS8,61117%7,340157147
147Nissan Xterra8,599-2%8,733142156
148Lexus GX8,504141%3,531188179
149Range Rover Sport8,32532%6,308163164
150Acura TL8,026-35%12,434125135
151Scion tC7,85410%7,116159149
152Mazda CX-97,812-38%12,657121134
153Mitsubishi Lancer7,696-18%9,418138148
154Cadillac Escalade7,488-15%8,775141140
155Acura ILX7,429-19%9,217139145
156Porsche Cayenne7,413-4%7,696150152
157Toyota Yaris7,210-36%11,179129143
158Toyota FJ Cruiser7,11637%5,212171174
159Audi Q77,00631%5,353170163
160Scion xB7,000-11%7,875148154
161Audi A56,984-9%7,682151151
162Chevrolet Volt6,838-4%7,157158138
163Lexus CT6,81613%6,039165167
164Mitsubishi Mirage6,816new0 –234
165Volvo XC606,604-19%8,122146146
166Honda Ridgeline6,597-11%7,448155157
167Scion FR-S6,534-20%8,206145153
169Nissan NV6,23121%5,148172176
170Mitsubishi Outlander6,05351%4,002183177
172Honda Crosstour5,703-20%7,089160160
173Fiat 500L5,643new0 –198
174Nissan Quest5,470-7%5,871167175
175Nissan Armada5,461-13%6,244164168
176Nissan Titan5,440-28%7,552153165
177Infiniti QX80/QX565,2975%5,055173173
178Audi A35,283550%813235252
179Range Rover Evoque5,23913%4,650177181
180Range Rover5,11516%4,418180178
181BMW 6 Series5,01134%3,745184187
182Toyota Sequoia4,957-11%5,548168171
183VW CC4,950-30%7,034161166
184Acura TSX4,744-39%7,746149158
185Ram ProMaster4,576new0 –230
186Nissan NV2004,564676%588242220
187Kia Cadenza4,380731%527243191
188Porsche 9114,359-3%4,508179186
189Lincoln MKS4,086-3%4,206182184
190Smart Fortwo3,9748%3,678186188
191Ram Cargo Van3,80810%3,452189190
192Audi A73,78310%3,429190194
193Subaru BRZ3,73814%3,279191193
194Scion xD3,6082%3,544187189
195Hyundai Azera3,486-30%4,979174182
196Nissan 370Z3,45231%2,627202204
197Lexus LS3,372-26%4,556178185
198BMW 7 Series3,163-25%4,220181183
199Jaguar XF3,130-3%3,238192197
200Lincoln Navigator2,932-7%3,149195192
201Kia Sedona2,903100%1,448220201
202VW Touareg2,714-26%3,688185195
203Mercedes CLS Class2,668-12%3,041196196
204BMW 1 & 2 Series2,5881%2,555204199
205Infiniti QX70/FX2,576-19%3,161194205
206Porsche Panamera2,4487%2,284210213
207Infiniti Q70/M2,346-3%2,427208214
208Volvo V602,269new0 – –
209Mazda MX-52,251-11%2,519206209
210Volvo XC902,240-18%2,748201203
211Lincoln MKT2,238-13%2,567203208
212Mercedes SL Class2,173-32%3,176193202
213Audi A82,049-19%2,522205206
214Honda Insight2,0001%1,978216217
215Mercedes SLK1,978-1%1,993215218
216Nissan Cube1,958-32%2,878199211
217Jaguar XJ1,914-9%2,095211212
218Acura RL/RLX1,85574%1,064226215
219Volvo XC701,777-11%1,994214216
220Porsche Boxster1,772-23%2,304209221
221BMW X61,771-29%2,505207210
222Land Rover LR41,768-41%2,991197200
223Lexus LX1,7170%1,725218219
224Land Rover LR21,70148%1,149225229
225Honda CR-Z1,697-16%2,022212222
226Porsche Cayman1,56291%817234228
227VW Eos1,540-23%2,011213223
228Hyundai Equus1,52715%1,332221226
229Chevrolet SS1,445new0 –258
230Jaguar F-Type1,309723%159251238
231Chevrolet Caprice PPV1,30826%1,041228225
232Toyota Land Cruiser1,3057%1,225222233
233Porsche Macan1,263new0 – –
234Infiniti QX50/EX1,20779%674240239
235Mercedes G Class1,20616%1,042227236
236VW Routan1,10155%711239240
237BMW Z41,099-8%1,192223237
238Scion iQ1,028-46%1,919217224
239Volvo S808346%790237242
240Audi TT745-9%821233241
241Mini Paceman74584%404246231
242Jaguar XK7015%669241247
243Lincoln MKC677new0 – –
244Volvo C70675-42%1,155224232
245Kia K900592new0 – –
246Subaru Tribeca544-25%722238244
247Nissan GT-R481-1%486244248
248Audi R835711%322247253
249BMW i3336new0 – –
250SRT (Dodge) Viper318147%129253254
251Cadillac ELR293new0 –270
252Mercedes SLS AMG142-33%212249256
253Mercedes CL Class133-44%238248255
254Mitsubishi Galant122-87%963230245
255Mitsubishi i-MiEV75-91%843232250
256Chevrolet Avalanche72-99%10,166134162
257Volvo C3064-93%858231246
258Acura ZDX53-72%192250259
259Chevrolet Colorado22-99%2,879198227
260Lexus LFA10-38%16258265
261Mercedes R Class6-73%22257263
262GMC Canyon2-100%812236251
263Mercedes CLK2n/a0 – –
264Hyundai Veracruz1-99%157252260
265Honda FCX1-50%2262267
266Mazda Tribute1n/a0 –276

Source: Manufacturers, GCBC

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  1. I live in S/E Michigan, near Detroit, and the car market here is very different from that in the rest of the country.Our roads aren’t filled with Hondas or Toyotas, even if their models are national best-sellers. When you go farther north, toward Flint and Saginaw, its even more drastic, as General Motors completely dominates.
    The various models of Chrysler minivans outnumber just about everything. In rural areas, nothing comes even close to the Chevrolet full-sized pickups. And while not in the national top 20, the Chevrolet Impalas of the past decade have been one of the most-seen cars in Michigan.While the Malibu ranked #3 in 2012 for the state, in many areas Impalas well outnumber the Malibus, despite the fact the Malibu went into production a few years earlier.
    Most surprising may be the large number of Buicks, esp. Lesabres, some over 20 years old, and the decent number of Dodge Chargers. Early 2000s Ford Tauruses still outnumber many newer model vehicles. The Ford Fusion has ranked at number 1 or 2, depending on the source and year, and is only less common than the Impala, Malibu or chevy truck because its a more recent model. Our market is completely opposite of those in coastal regions and the Eastern states.Not a whole lot of Japanese compacts, lots of big American cars and trucks. I hope that gives you a look at our part of the country and how it differs from others.

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