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Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England (UK) May 2014: Dacia Sandero in Top 10 in 3 out of 4 nations

Dacia Sandero UK May 2014The Dacia Sandero has now conquered Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Is England next?

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Thanks to SMMT, I can now unveil the 10 best-sellers for each nation in the UK in May, all in one update. Keep in mind this is a zoom in into each nation, all figures are already included in the UK overall May update. The overall UK market is up 8% year-on-year in May, and while last month the true engine of growth was England, this time the smaller nations are pushing the overall market up: Scotland is up 16%, Wales up 12.5% and Northern Ireland up 12% while England is up a more conservative 7%. This month even though the Vauxhall Mokka makes its very first Top 10 appearance in the overall UK ranking it only appears in one Top 10 (Wales) while the Dacia Sandero simultaneously appears in 3 nations Top 10 for the first time.

Renault Clio UK May 2014The Renault Clio is on the Scottish podium this month.

In Scotland, the Vauxhall Corsa is back in pole position for the 2nd time in the past 3 months with 959 sales and 5.4%, a frank advantage over year-to-date leader the Ford Fiesta at 786 units and 4.4%. The Renault Clio is up two spots on April to brilliantly jump onto the Scottish podium for the first time since BSCB follows monthly data (last June) thanks to 603 sales and 3.4% and remains at a strong 4th place year-to-date vs. #9 in 2013. The Dacia Sandero is also up two ranks to #8 while the Audi A3 makes a remarkable appearance in the Scottish Top 10 at #9.

VW Golf UK May 2014The VW Golf is the best-seller in Northern Ireland for the 2nd month running.

In Northern Ireland, after topping the sales charts last month for the first time since BSCB has been following this market monthly (June 2013) the VW Golf doubles it and stays in pole position thanks to 180 sales and 3.8% share, well above the traditional leader the Ford Fiesta at 148 units and 3.7%. However this is not enough (yet) to dislodge the Fiesta from the year-to-date top spot with the Golf adding up to 921 sales vs. 1,059. The Dacia Sandero is up to a record 6th place with 122 units and 2.6%, only its second time in the Northern Irish Top 10 after last March (#10), the Seat Leon makes its first appearance inside the Top 10 at #8 with 104 units and 2.2% and the Renault Captur is now up to #8 year-to-date.

Seat Leon UK May 2014Excellent 8th place of the Seat Leon in Northern Ireland

In Wales, the Ford Fiesta continues its solo run at 8.6% market share and 9.5% year-to-date, almost 2.5 times the nearest competitor, big sister Ford Focus at 3.6% and 3.9% respectively. The VW Golf jumps 6 spots on April to land in third place with 2.5% share, the Renault Clio reappears inside the Top 10 for the third time in the past 6 months at #5 with 2.2%, its best ranking in at least one year. Excellent hold of the Ford Kuga in 7th place, earning it a #8 spot year-to-date, the Dacia Sandero is also back in the Top 10 at #8 while the Vauxhall Mokka breaks into it for the first time at #9.

BMW 1 Series UK May 2014The BMW 1 Series is #9 in England

In England, traditionally the ranking is very close to the overall UK one as this nation accounts for 85% of UK sales. Below the Ford Fiesta at 4.6% share, the VW Golf justifies its astounding #2 overall UK ranking with a #2 spot in England with 3.9% share vs. 3.7% in the UK. In fact the entire Top 8 is identical to the UK one, with the BMW 1 Series breaking into the English Top 10 against the odds at #9 and 2,517 sales and 1.5%, which is potentially the first time it outsells its big sister the 3 Series. The Fiat 500 closes a Mokka-less Top 10.

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Full May 2014 Top 10 models Ranking Tables for each nation below.

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