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Japan Kei cars April 2014: Daihatsu Tanto and Nissan Dayz on top

Daihatsu Tanto Japan April 2014. Picture courtesy of autoc-one.jpDaihatsu Tanto

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In spite of the national tax sales hike valid from April 1 onwards, the Kei cars market in Japan is up 3% year-on-year this month to 156,362 registrations, almost as much as the regular car market (188,864)! Year-to-date sales are up 21% to 891,358 units. The Daihatsu Tanto takes a solid option at the Full Year 2014 leadership by outselling all rivals by 7000 sales this month at 19,390 units, doubling its April 2013 score. The Nissan Dayz is back up one spot on March to #2 with 12,537 sales and is now also #2 year-to-date at 73,492 units, passing 2013 leader the Honda N-BOX at 72,127. The Suzuki Alto is up 4 ranks on last month to #5, the super cute Suzuki Hustler is up two to #9 and the Mazda Flair Crossover up 4 to #19.

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Full April 2014 Top 33 All-models Ranking Table below.

Japan Kei cars April 2014 – models:

1Daihatsu Tanto19,390103%195,71115
2Nissan Dayz12,537new373,49229
3Suzuki WagonR12,440-10%566,35153
4Honda N-BOX11,620-29%272,12731
5Suzuki Alto10,303-5%938,97296
6Daihatsu Move10,246-45%759,37862
7Suzuki Spacia9,09512%847,61688
8Daihatsu Mira8,301-30%658,78674
9Suzuki Hustler7,144new1125,90110 –
10Honda N-WGN6,558new467,596423
11Mitsubishi eK5,441333%1023,7511111
12Honda N-ONE2,081-78%1414,597137
13Nissan Moco2,016-52%1218,3141210
14Toyota Pixis Space1,353-49%1311,5441412
15Suzuki MR Wagon1,344-13%166,5421613
16Suzuki Every Wagon1,166-22%215,2502116
17Suzuki Jimny1,088-12%205,3522018
18Mazda Flair Wagon1,04158%196,3841719
19Mazda Flair Crossover606new233,00024 –
20Mazda Flair545-54%176,3281815
21Mazda Carol518-34%243,9462225
22Subaru Pleo501-31%185,4281922
23Daihatsu Atrai495-20%223,2762324
24Subaru Stella481-73%158,0101514
25Honda Vamos320-43%252,2742626
26Honda Life250-77%262,3092520
27Nissan NV100 Clipper Rio191new271,4252737
28Subaru Lucra93-18%286162829
29Mazda Scrum Wagon66-54%295702928
30Mitsubishi Town Box66n/a312343241
31Subaru Dias20-62%303633133
32Mitsubishi i-MiEV18-82%324423031
33Mazda AZ Offroad2-85%33713335

Source: JMVA, many thanks to Stephen for helping compile the data!

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