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World Full Year 2013: Total sales now available for 143 countries!

Astana Kazakhstan. Picture courtesy of Eric LafforgueKazakhstan is the fastest growing car market in the world. Photo © Eric Lafforgue

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Thanks to OICA I can share with you the overall Full Year 2013 sales figure for 143 countries in the world! I have created a Top 50 biggest markets ranking which is a vast improvement on the Top 20 I published a while ago. Please note this new ranking now classifies countries based on their overall vehicle sales. That’s Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles, including Light, Medium and Heavy ones, putting all countries on a level-playing field (some countries traditionally report monthly PC car sales only and other overall sales). The files released by the OICA (and linked to below) also feature Passenger Cars only and Commercial Vehicles only figures so you can see the split.

Shanghai night traffic. Picture courtesy of Jacqtai via FlickrIn 2013, China became the first new car market to pass 20 million annual units. It should pass 25 million in 2015. Photo © Jacqtai.

Based on this data, a record 85,393,803 new vehicles were sold worldwide in 2013, up 3.9% on 2012. This is the 4th consecutive record year for worldwide sales after the 74.89 million reached in 2010, 78.09 million in 2011 and 82.17 million in 2012. At this rate, the 90 million units should be passed in 2015 and the 100 million in 2017 potentially. Asia/Oceania/Middle East sales are up 5.8% to reach 40.45 million or 47% of the worldwide marketplace, America is up 5.6% to 25 million (NAFTA up 7.1% and Central & South America up 1.5%), Europe is down 2.1% to 18.28 million and Africa up 3.3% to 1.65 million.

Burj Khalifa Dubai, UAE. Picture courtesy FlickrNew car sales in the United Arab Emirates are up 16% in 2013. Photo © cheng-long chan

Country-wise, it’s a slightly different picture as the Top 20 I published earlier as now all vehicles are included for all countries. China still reigns supreme with a record 21,984,100 units (+14%) followed by the USA at 15,883,949 (+7%) and Japan stable at 5,375,513. Brazil (3.77 million), Germany (3.26 million), India (3.24 million) and Russia (2.95 million) all lose ground but their figures are boosted by the inclusion of Commercial Vehicles. The UK is still up 11% to an updated 2.59 million units.

Quebec Canada. Picture courtesy of cntraveler.comCanada new vehicle sales hit a new record in 2013 at 1.78 million units.

Canada at 1,779,860 sales, Indonesia at 1,226,199 (+10%), Australia at 1,136,227 and Argentina at 955,023 (+14%) all reach all-time record heights as does Turkey at 893,124 units (+9%). Other great gainers now include Chile up 9% to #26, the United Arab Emirates up 16% to #27, the Philippines up 15% to a record 212,682 registrations, Kuwait up 9% to #44 and, best of all, Kazakhstan up a gargantuan 74% to an all-time high 165,710 sales and carving itself a spot among the 50 biggest car markets in the world for the first time at #43.

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Full Year 2013 Top 50 biggest car markets and data for 143 countries below.

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