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Sponsored Video: How to survive on a Mercedes F-Cell Car

This post is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, but concerns our own opinion.

If like me you are a movie buff, you will have heard for sure of Hollywood stars Diane Kruger (Inglorious Basterds, Unknown, Troy, National Treasure) and   Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek, Cruel Intentions, Fringe). Mercedes had the idea to get them to survive California’s Death Valley desert, one of the driest places in the world, by just using the water produced by the Mercedes Benz B Class F Cell car. Wait what? But hoes does it really work?

This challenge was dubbed ‘Defying Death Valley and happened a few months ago. Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson embarked on the trip through 120 degree weather without any water, and their survival absolutely and only relying on the emissions of the B Class F Cell. The B Class F Cell is the first fuel cell electric vehicle made by Mercedes Benz for mass production. The electricity required for driving is generated by the car itself through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. As a result, the F Cell only emits pure water, perfect for Diane and Kruger.

Moreover, it only takes less than three minutes to full charge the car and once done the autonomy is 400 kilometres, equivalent to about 250 miles. To celebrate this adventure and increase awareness about this very innovative way for fuelling a vehicle, Mercedes has released a films that explains the advantages of the F Cell technology and explores all its potential. It turns out both Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have both been raving about the B Class F Cell for over two years as they have been driving it privately too.

In fact, Joshua Jackson himself took part in a previous adventure organised by Mercedes, the F Cell World Drive which took him around the globe in 2011 as part of the first circumnavigation of the globe with fuel cell cars.

The video was brought to life by Mercedes Benz TV which is a new way to experience the Mercedes Benz brand with live broadcasts every time something significant about the brand happens anywhere in the world, also all summarised in a weekly show so you can keep up to date with Mercedes Benz news when you need to.

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