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World Full Year 2013: Now with Top 25 best-selling brands

Toyota Yaris World 2013. Picture courtesy of mundomotorizado.comToyota is the most popular brand in the world in 2013.

* See the Top 25 best-selling brands by clicking on the title! Thanks Renato *

After going through the Top 20 best-selling manufacturers worldwide in 2013, I can now share with you the Top 25 most popular car brands. Toyota keeps the lead with over 8 million sales above Volkswagen at 6.3 million and Ford at 5.7 million. Chevrolet is up to a record 4.98 million sales, followed by Hyundai up 7% to 4.7 million and Nissan at 4.4 million. Honda is the last brand above 4 million worldwide sales while Kia, Renault and Fiat close the Top 10.

Wuling Rongguang World 2013Wuling is the best-selling Chinese brand in the world with 1.5 million sales.

As mentioned in the Top 20 manufacturers article, BMW is the best-selling premium brand in the world at #12, followed by Audi at #13 and Mercedes at #16. Wuling is the most popular Chinese brand at #14 with 1,547,117 sales, almost all of them being minivans sold in China. Notice also Maruti at #19, Opel at #21, Buick at #22 with 1,032,331 units (almost 80% of which in China) and ChangAn at #23 with 938,457 sales.

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Full Year 2013 Top 25 brands Ranking Table below.

World Full Year 2013 – brands


Source: Automotive news, manufacturers.

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  1. Hi…the Honda group(honda+acura) sold 4.1 million vehicles.
    Honda brands independent sales must be around 3 million & it may still hold it’s 8th place in the list but the sales figure is incorrect.
    Please check it.

  2. Hi Matt

    Thanks for changing few numbers – Kia and Hyundai are now both right

    Don´t know source of this article but they are always wrong – on other websitets too i don´t get it how they get it wrong when those automakers published their results – how can somebody made it wrong? really don´t understand so i will try to make correct numbers for others- yesteday i calculated Toyota – in that link i gave you can see Hino is extra, Toyota-Lexus-Scion is 8.948m alredy – Hino and Daihatsu – together Toyota group is 9.98 check that link i gave for Toyota group

    VW – 6.481m VW passenger marque + VW nutzfahrzeuge-LCV brand + there are some HCV branded VW in Brrazil and South africa – but don´t know this number – few thousands

    Skoda was o.k, Audi is wrong – 1.58m

    Renault – 2131

    How they get this numbers when automakers alredy in January published correct sales i don´t get them….

    BMW is correct number

    MErcedes- well we should add MErcedes van division at least if not also HCV MErcedes branded trucks

    Ford- hard to calculate 6.33m wholesales FMC — including Lincolnd and JMC trucks in China hard to calculate Ford brand only – we must wait for Ford annual report

    Opel and Buick numbers were correct so don´t know why they have Chevy incorrect

    Wulling – it´s 1484 in China only + some exports – maybe 1.5m but not that high like in article

    Can´t calculate Peugot and Citrone – just psa number as group is avalaible, Honda – well honda group sold 4.28m – Acura – don´t have Acura number and – China JV brand – Ciimo and i think there is 2nd China brand too Everus i think

    Nissan is also hard to calculate that number from Nismo is right 5.1m – Venucia was over 100thousand, Infiniti numbers we don´t have and also Dongfeng branded LCV´s by Zhenzhou-Nissan JV, until february also they included Dongfeng branded HCV´s for China

  3. @Todor
    The table shows us nothing of the sort. SEAT could well sell over 600,000 and still not show on the table. Daihatsu at 25th position has over 800,000 sales and comes in at the bottom so any company with 600,000 sales would still not show. I know SEAT did not sell over 600,000 sales but this is irrelevant to the top 25 list you refer to.
    In addition given almighty Skoda with its factories in China, India and Russia only makes 24th place did you really expect SEAT to be on the list in all honesty?
    Anyway I refuse to enter these slanging matches you see in the comments these days.

  4. @matgasnier

    Hyundai sold 4,732,366 units globally in 2013 and aims to sell 4.9 million vehicles globally in 2014

    Nissan Global sales in 2013 increased 3.3% year-on-year to 5,102,979 units, setting an all-time calendar year record

    Chevrolet sold a record 4,984,126 vehicles around the world in 2013.

    1. Hi NismoBoy – Thanks for the Hyundai figure, the Nissan figure you mention includes Infiniti and some Dongfeng models however.

  5. @AndyT
    There is nothing strange in my comment. When Seat had over 320 000 sales VWs boss said that Seat must doub4le its sales or it will be killed. This table shows us that Seat doesn’t have over 600 000 sales so…

  6. Hi Matt

    I don´t know source of this, but just like on focus2move webisite there is brands ranking – are way off – for example 1st Toyota – by my calculations they sold about 8.35m Toyota branded cars – that´s big increase to this number here

    Toyota sold 8.948m vehicles – Toyota,Lexus, SCion brands

    Lexus in november forecasted 520k globally

    Scion numbers are easy to look they sold in US, Canada and Puerto rico

    USA – 68t, Canada – 5t Puerto rico – maybe 1thousand here are US numbers from autonews

    So if we calculate Toyota brand globally for 2013 it´s above 8.35m

    Tomorrow i will have time to calculate others too, but just right now i can see daihatsu is 870 thousand – not 839 – 1st toyota link i gave

    Hyundai sold more than 4.71m last year way more than 4.454

    Chevy was 4.984m

    Kia was also more than 2.8m

    1. Hey thanks Roman – Toyota global sales include Hino, that may be the reason for the difference. I’ll double check the others tomorrow.

  7. @Todor
    Using your logic (lack of) Renault must be about to kill off Dacia too as they don’t make your make or break top 25 either.
    Strange comment Todor

  8. Are there some mistakes in the rankings or with the sales numbers?
    Hyundai has more sales than Nissan, but Nissan is above. Also Ford, Kia…

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