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Media post: “Mine’s Faster Than Yours” — The Search for the Fastest Car in the Middle East


The automotive industry is big business in the Middle East, where the highways gleam with the world’s sexiest and most powerful super cars. Saudi Arabia leads the way when it comes to the size of its automotive industry, closely followed by the UAE. It should come as no surprise, then, that car enthusiasts and others have their sights constantly set on identifying the fastest cars available. We reveal some of the contenders.

The Fastest Street-Legal Production Car

The Bugatti Veyron has been causing a serious stir in the world of super cars, and has been adopted by the police force in Dubai. It’s known to be the fastest mass-produced, street-legal car in the world. The mid-engine sports car has a top speed of 431.072km per hour. Dubai’s police force is renowned for its collection of super cars, which also includes a Lamborghini, a Ferrari FF and an Aston Martin One-77.

A Surprise Contender

Surprisingly to some, the modest-looking Alpha Performance Logic Nissan GT-R is claimed by many to be the fastest car in the Middle East. 1200 horsepower gives the car the ability to travel 400 meters in just 8.234 seconds, a feat the car achieved when tested earlier this year on the Marina Circuits Drag Strip in the UAE.

New Models at the Dubai Motor Show

At the Dubai Motor show, the region’s largest automotive event, speed is everything. The most recent event showcased several cars that are competing to be the world’s fastest. Of these, the Devel Sixteen manufacturers make the biggest claims, stating that their ‘made-in- Dubai’ car has an expected top speed of 560 km/h. The claim remains to be tested, since the car company is yet to discover tires that can handle that kind of velocity. Also at the show were several other models in the running to become the world’s nippiest super cars, including the Venom GT, McLaren P1, Aston Martin’s CC100 Speedster and Bugatti’s Meo Constantini. With new production and custom-built models being brought to the Middle Eastern market all the time, competition remains hot in the world of super cars. Which of these contenders would you most like to take for a spin?

Image by Schen, used under Creative Commons license.

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