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Netherlands December 2013: Mitsubishi Outlander at 12.7% share, Volvo V40 and V60 on podium

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander SE ExteriorMitsubishi Outlander

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The Dutch new car market is up a huge 115% year-on-year to deliver the best December in history at 39,163 registrations, bringing the final 2013 total to 417,036 units, still down a harsh 17% on 2012. The monthly Dutch models ranking is extremely volatile (and entertaining) as it is heavily impacted by preferential pricing of eco-friendly cars. Case in point: the Mitsubishi Outlander flies up to an out-of-this-world 12.7% market share thanks to almost 5,000 PHEV models that had to be delivered before 2014. This means the Outlander sells more units than any brand in the country this month, single-handedly pushing Mitsubishi to #1 with 13.3% share vs. 11.3% for Volkswagen and 11% for Volvo. In fact, the Outlander sells frankly more in one month that what Mitsubishi sold in the Netherlands over the entire year 2012 (3,583)…

Tesla Model S Netherlands December 2013. Picture courtesy of autobild.deThe Tesla Model S is now among the 20 most popular cars in the Netherlands…

… Another case in point: both the Volvo V40 and V60 rank inside the podium like in October with 2,158 sales and 5.5% and 2,082 and 5.3% respectively, performances that are as good if not better than at home in Sweden. This pushes Volvo to 11% share this month in third place of the brands ranking vs. 5.9% and #6 in 2013 and #13 and 3.4% in 2012…

BMW i3 Netherlands December 2013BMW i3

But wait there are more surprises, many more! While the VW Up! remains #4 and lodges its first ever Full Year in pole position in the country, the Skoda Octavia is up 10 spots on November to #6, the Audi A3 up 12 to #10, Toyota Prius also up 12 to #13 vs. #33 in 2013, VW Jetta up 28 to #14, Opel Ampera up 16 to #16 vs. #57 in the Full Year, Seat Leon up 9 to #19 vs. #45 and the Tesla Model S breaks into the Dutch Top 20 for the very first time at #20 with 578 sales and 1.5% share! Finally, notice the BMW i3 up to a world-best 40th place thanks to 225 sales.

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