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Guest post: Are you getting the most out of your sat nav?

Homer Simpson sat nav. Picture courtesy of Simpson is the most popular sat nav voice in the world.

Most drivers have got a sat nav these days. Stick it on your windscreen, type in your destination and you’re ready to go. Most of the time this goes without a hitch and it’s all we really need the sat nav to do. But did you know you could be getting more out of it? Read on and find out.

Project your sat nav onto your windscreen

Ever been frustrated by your sat nav’s small screen? Download the new Hudway app and you can project your sat nav onto your whole windscreen from your mobile phone. It’s been designed to help reduce accidents and can be used without a consistent internet signal – perfect for when you’re going through a tunnel or more remote areas. It also means drivers no longer have to look down to look at their sat nav – they can keep their eyes on the road, looking out for potential hazards while the projection on the windscreen guides them to their destination. Simply set your destination, place your smartphone on the dashboard and the light from it will project your route onto the windscreen.

Update it regularly

Ever driven along a road that your sat nav doesn’t recognise? Or has your sat nav tried to take you down a road that no longer exists? Having a sat nav that is not up-to-date can be dangerous – particularly for drivers who completely rely on it and forget to use their own road sense. That’s why you should regularly update your sat nav. Most manufacturers let you update it once for free and as a rule of thumb, you should be looking to do so once every six to twelve months. Someone who does a lot of long-distance driving on unfamiliar roads should definitely do this.

Connect your sat nav to your phone

Finally, did you know you can connect your mobile phone to your sat nav for safe, hands-free driving? Using a mobile phone at the wheel is illegal, but hands-free calling is not. If you’ve got a Bluetooth-enabled phone, you can connect it to your sat nav for hands-free calling, SMS messaging and traffic and weather updates. Simply check your mobile phone for compatibility with your sat nav and you should be good to go.

Have you got any more tips about how to get the most out of your sat nav? Share them with us below!

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