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Brazil December/Full Year 2013: Ford Fiesta splits now available

Ford Fiesta Brazil 2013. Picture courtesy of generation Ford Fiesta

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I know there has been a little bit of debate around the performance of the Ford Fiesta in 2013 in Brazil given a new generation has been added into the sales figures, as has been the case for a while for the VW Gol and Fiat Uno notably. In December the Ford Fiesta reached the 2nd place with 16,299 sales which are both all-time records in the 18 years since Fiesta nameplate was first introduced in Brazil (it launched here in 1995). This is also the 2nd time the Fiesta beats its monthly volume record after the 14,375 units it sold in July. Note we are only talking about the hatchback variant here.

Ford Fiesta Brazil 2013Old generation Ford Fiesta

Thanks to Dercyde Gomes, I am able to share with you the splits between old and new generations Fiesta for December and the Full Year 2013, so we can start to picture really how much is the new generation responsible for these records. I know the perception from some of you Brazilian readers was that the old generation was still accounting for a very large part of sales, potentially even on the up due to the price cut, and the new gen was only marginally adding to the sales total. Well for December only, the new Fiesta accounts for a very substantial 49% of total sales at 7,991 units which would place it at #13 in the sales ranking, vs. 8,304 for the old gen (amended total for the nameplate being 16,295).

Over the Full Year, the new gen manages to hold 38% of total Fiesta sales at 51,718 vs. 84,970 and 62% for the old generation, with the amended total adding up to 136,688 units. So it’s fair to say the new generation is actually responsible for all these records, and at this rate it should account for over 50% of total Fiesta hatchback sales in 2014. (Source: Fenabrave, many thanks to Dercyde for sharing the data!)

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