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Guest post: Discover mitula, your new search engine for car classifieds

Mitula cars UK homepage

Nowadays huge amounts of information are stored online and it can be a nightmare to find exactly what you want. Vertical search engines, also called aggregators, filter and give appropriate relevance to the content that might otherwise be lost among the millions of potential results from a generic search.

As such, aggregators have become a powerful force on the web, and more and more web surfers use aggregators to access detailed product information to assist them on elaborated and high value purchase decisions. Some of the most searched categories include property, car and job classifieds. And this is where Mitula comes into play.

mitula was created in January 2008 by 3 internet visionaries who previously created, the first real estate portal in Spain. mitula is an international vertical search engine for car, property and job classifieds. It aggregates and lists ads from many different specialized portals. A single click enables users to freely access detailed information matching their search. Countries covered by mitula include Spain, Italy, the UK, Germany, the US, France, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, the Netherlands, Brazil, China, India, Canada, Australia and 22 other countries, more being added constantly.

Today mitula comprises the combined skills and experience of its reference partners, together with their ability to put together a winning team of over 50 young talented people. Their energy, open-mindedness, efficiency and extensive international multicultural background are the heart and soul of mitula’s hallmarks.

Discover Mitula here.

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