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Trans-Siberian Railway 2013: Merc G-Class Mongol music video

This is Part 23 of my Trans-Siberian Photo Report. You can see all other Parts of this long-term Report here. A few weeks ago I wrote about the most popular cars in Mongolia, and described how the Mercedes G-Class ranked at a world-best #5 so far in 2013, reaching cult-level in the country. Thanks to Buggii, the driver at the hostel I stayed in Ulaanbaatar last month who became an avid reader of BSCB, I can finally share with you some proof of that cult status which is unique in the world. Above is the music video for Mongolian R’n’b artist Tselmuun’s latest hit “Setgel”. From 2min49 in the video you can see a line of Mercedes G-Class behind the dancers, not one but 4 of them – so cool right now.

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