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Trans-Siberian Railway 2013: A selection of Chinese car brochures

Kia SportageKia Sportage

This is Part 24 of my Trans-Siberian Photo Report. You can see all other Parts of this long-term Report here. After taking you on a visit of the Chaoyang car market in Beijing, I thought I would share with you a selection of the car brochures I got my hands on in that same market as some models are marketed in a very interesting and different way in China than they would be in the rest of the world.

Kia K2Kia K2

Let’s start with Kia, which has kept the previous generation Sportage in the catalogue and has facelifted it complete with LED lights, new grille and aggressive bumper. All-in-all Kia brochures are very sophisticated, thick with glossy paper and playing with matt and shiny effects in their illustrations. The Kia K2 is even introduced as the “First Luxury”…

Baojun 630Baojun 630

In general Chinese manufacturers have not gone all out with their brochures: most of them only consist of one leaflet to the exception of Great Wall which has clearly spent some time designing the Great Wall Haval H6 brochure – not Haval-branded ones available yet though. Baojun’s brochures look nothing like the low-cost brand it’s supposed to be, they even look better than most BYD and Chery catalogues…

Ciimo Si MingCiimo Si-Ming

The Ciimo Si-Ming brochure is interestingly branded Honda, whereas the GM logo on the Baojun brochure is tiny on the right bottom corner…

Honda JadeHonda Jade

Onto Japanese manufacturers, and the all-new Honda Jade is strangely marketed as Sedan Avant-Garde whereas it is a mix of MPV and station-wagon…

Citroen C4L

Citroen C-Quatre

Citroen C-ElyseeCitroen C4L, C-Quatre and C-Elysee

Finally, it took fellow blogger Tycho and I some time to clearly understand the differences between the Citroen C4L, C-Quatre sedan and C-Elysee. All sized similarly, they only differ in their finition level. However the back of the C4L looks exactly the same as the C-Elysee’s while the C-Elysee’s front is impossible to distinguish from the C-Quatre sedan’s. Citroen have you become the new Volkswagen, making your cars all look the same?

Full Photo Report below.

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