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Hong Kong (China) October 2013: BMW 4 Series inside Top 20!

BMW 4 Series Hong Kong October 2013. Picture courtesy of 4 Series

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New car sales in Hong Kong (China) are up a splendid 17% year-on-year in October to 4,364 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 39,538 units, up 12% on 2012. For the first time since last February, the BMW 5 Series, leader over the Full Year 2012, manages to top the Hong Kong sales charts thanks to 247 sales and 5.7%. This is however not enough to catch up on the Toyota Hiace, still #1 so far in 2013 at 1,852 units and 4.7% vs. 1,664 and 4.2% for the 5 Series. The Mercedes E-Class is solid at #2 with 4.4% share, as is the Toyota Noah at #5 with 3.3%.

Lexus ES Hong Kong October 2013Lexus ES

Other great performers this month in Hong Kong include the BMW 1 Series up 5 spots on September to #7 with 115 sales and 2.6%, the Audi A3 up 21 to #10 at 101 units and 2.3%, Toyota Wish up 18 to #16 and Mitsubishi ASX up 19 to #31. But the big event in the Top 20 is the thunderous arrival of the all-new BMW 4 Series at #20 with 66 sales and 1.5%, making Hong Kong the very first territory in the world where this model has managed to crack the Top 100 (let alone the Top 20!). Notice also the Lexus ES up from #166 in September to #26 this month.

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Full October 2013 Top 165 All-models Ranking Table below.

Hong Kong (China) October 2013:

1BMW 5 Series2475.7%31,6644.2%23
2Mercedes E-Class1944.4%21,4173.6%31
3Toyota Hiace1814.1%11,8524.7%12
4VW Golf1703.9%71,3703.5%45
5Toyota Noah1453.3%49402.4%610
6Mercedes C-Class1303.0%99132.3%811
7BMW 1 Series1152.6%127141.8%146
8BMW 3 Series1122.6%58672.2%1012
9Honda Stepwagon1042.4%158402.1%1113
10Audi A31012.3%311430.4%6177
11Toyota Ractis882.0%107862.0%127
12Honda Jazz851.9%167571.9%1324
13Hyundai H1841.9%199602.4%58
14Nissan Serena831.9%88802.2%99
15Toyota Previa801.8%225301.3%1916
16Toyota Wish781.8%344171.1%2417
17Toyota Crown LPG Taxi751.7%113981.0%2535
18Toyota Alphard751.7%136221.6%1515
19Toyota Corolla661.5%205891.5%1883
20BMW 4 Series661.5%165670.2%92 –
21BMW X1651.5%253941.0%2726
22VW Tiguan591.4%173931.0%2831
23Mini Countryman591.4%274191.1%2319
24Mercedes A-Class531.2%66091.5%16164
26Lexus ES491.1%166500.1%110 –
27Mercedes B-Class461.1%145231.3%2022
28Lexus IS431.0%352130.5%47121
29Toyota Camry421.0%233650.9%3218
30Audi Q3421.0%593921.0%2953
31Mitsubishi ASX400.9%501120.3%68175
32Lexus RX380.9%269192.3%74
33Ford Transit370.8%561740.4%50n/a
34Audi A5340.8%284541.2%2225
35Nissan Elgrand320.7%213781.0%3054
36Audi A6320.7%482410.6%4228
37BMW X3320.7%1493060.8%3327
38Toyota Vellfire290.7%302160.5%4646
39Mercedes ML-Class240.5%336081.5%1738
40Honda Freed240.5%463951.0%2614
41Porsche Cayenne230.5%382600.7%4032
42BMW 7 Series230.5%631560.4%5439
43BMW 6 Series220.5%881000.3%7286
44Fiat 500220.5%1501510.4%5656
45VW Scirocco210.5%732260.6%4441
46Nissan Note190.4%372670.7%3796
47Kia Morning190.4%412410.6%4357
48Lexus GS190.4%492110.5%4823
49VW Sharan190.4%821520.4%5561
50VW Polo180.4%402870.7%3444
51Audi Q7180.4%421550.4%5443
52Toyota Coaster170.4%444761.2%2121
54VW Passat170.4%541480.4%5748
54Mercedes CLA-Class160.4%32530.1%105 –
55Suzuki Solio150.3%452610.7%39138
56Honda Stream150.3%521030.3%7170
57Bentley Continental Flying Spur150.3%108330.1%136124
58Audi Q5140.3%182840.7%3633
59Toyota RAV4140.3%571450.4%59165
60Mercedes Vito140.3%751140.3%6651
61Mercedes CLS-Class120.3%601340.3%6255
62Porsche Cayman120.3%61740.2%89143
64Audi A4120.3%723730.9%3147
65VW Jetta110.3%472500.6%4129
66Kia K2500110.3%55490.1%111 –
67Nissan Qashqai110.3%641290.3%6366
68Nissan Urvan100.2%292640.7%3860
69Land Rover Discovery100.2%511000.3%7367
70VW Beetle100.2%741470.4%5887
72Nissan Cedric LPG Taxi100.2%157260.1%144 –
73Porsche 91190.2%76960.2%7462
74Suzuki Swift90.2%861070.3%6984
75Volvo XC6090.2%89780.2%88120
76Porsche Panamera90.2%1021160.3%6458
77Volvo XC9090.2%122900.2%7971
78Nissan March90.2%154360.1%12985
79Range Rover Evoque80.2%541650.4%5237
80Ford S-Max80.2%651040.3%7076
81Toyota Prius V80.2%68930.2%7879
82Land Rover Freelander80.2%71360.1%128173
83Porsche Boxster80.2%77930.2%77112
84Honda Odyssey80.2%91640.2%95119
85VW Caddy80.2%114420.1%123108
86Suzuki Every Van80.2%135530.1%106128
87Volvo V6080.2%140300.1%139140
88Isuzu TFR70.2%361440.4%6095
89Mazda CX-570.2%66660.2%9498
92Mercedes Viano70.2%115310.1%137126
93Audi A170.2% –800.2%8765
94Jaguar XJ60.1%70620.2%96110
95Mitsubishi Outlander60.1%78850.2%84139
96Land Rover Defender60.1%99430.1%121131
97Jaguar XF60.1%106510.1%107114
98BMW X660.1%123560.1%10281
99Nissan Juke50.1%79600.2%10092
100Ford Fiesta50.1%85280.1%140 –
101Subaru Exiga50.1%94260.1%145123
102Ferrari 45850.1%96870.2%8174
103Kia Sorento50.1%125490.1%112107
104Hyundai Veloster50.1%127370.1%127116
105Range Rover40.1%67490.1%113133
106Kia Carens40.1%81130.0%171 –
107Audi A840.1%84460.1%11597
108Maserati GranTurismo40.1%97440.1%120130
109Alfa Romeo Giulietta40.1%1111130.3%6742
110VW Touareg40.1%112450.1%11891
111VW Transporter40.1%113450.1%119129
112Fiat Doblo40.1%12090.0%178 –
113Mercedes SLK40.1%136340.1%13540
114McLaren MP4-12C40.1%138300.1%138103
115Jaguar F-Type40.1%14880.0%182 –
116Kia Sportage40.1%162120.0%174105
117Range Rover Sport40.1% –210.1%154141
118Audi RS440.1% –170.0%162205
119Subaru Forester30.1%58870.2%82150
120Lexus LS30.1%90620.2%97104
121Honda CR-Z30.1%101340.1%133n/a
122Audi A730.1%124500.1%10875
123Hyundai Elantra30.1%131200.1%155125
124Toyota Mark X30.1%133810.2%8688
125Bentley Continental GT30.1%142220.1%152157
126Bentley Mulsanne30.1%158180.0%159142
127Maserati GranCabrio30.1% –100.0%177158
128Mitsubishi L20020.0%109190.0%157148
129Toyota Prius C20.0%121940.2%7630
130Mercedes GL-Class20.0%129240.1%146161
131Ford Focus20.0%134500.1%109185
132Mazda CX-720.0%143190.0%156180
133Mercedes Sprinter20.0% –2110.5%4952
134BMW X520.0% –1710.4%5136
135Volvo S6020.0% –450.1%117127
136Mercedes G-Class20.0% –340.1%134106
137Nissan Leaf20.0% –240.1%14789
138Audi S720.0% –170.0%163208
139Alfa Romeo MiTo20.0% –130.0%169155
140BMW Z420.0% –130.0%170149
141Audi S420.0% –120.0%173162
142Ferrari FF20.0% –70.0%185153
143Maserati Quattroporte20.0% –70.0%186160
144Renault Twingo20.0% –30.0%196 –
145Hyundai Tucson10.0%69600.2%9993
146Aston Martin DB9 Volante10.0%80140.0%168n/a
147Smart Fortwo10.0%104680.2%9168
148Toyota 8610.0%105670.2%9364
149Mercedes S-Class10.0%1101150.3%6545
150Rolls Royce Ghost10.0%117230.1%150136
151Subaru XV10.0%118230.1%151115
152Volvo S8010.0%119150.0%167163
153Audi S510.0%126340.1%132146
154Mini Paceman10.0%132160.0%165 –
155Audi TT10.0%139260.1%14299
156Infiniti M10.0%141210.1%153186
157Rolls Royce Phantom10.0%14670.0%187168
158Toyota Prado10.0%153360.1%130102
159Ford Galaxy10.0%156170.0%164134
160Ford Kuga10.0%159110.0%175 –
161Ferrari F1210.0%16380.0%181 –
162Ferrari California10.0% –180.0%160135
163Infiniti FX10.0% –180.0%161178
164Lamborghini Aventador10.0% –80.0%183151
165Lamborghini Gallardo10.0% –20.0%203200


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