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Guest post: Getting your tyres ready for long road trips

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There’s nothing like a good old road trip. Countless movies have been made about it, countless songs have been sung, and many a book written about the joys of setting off along the open road. But before you head off on your epic life-changing journey, it’s important to ensure your four most important pieces of equipment – the wheels that are going to get you there! – are in perfect working condition. Here’s how to ensure your tyres are ready for a long haul road trip. Mixtapes at the ready.

ALWAYS have a spare tyre with you We’ve all seen the movies – flat tyre in the middle of nowhere leads to endless hassle and cessation of any and all fun on the holiday until the tyre gets repaired or replaced. Avoid this happening to you by ensuring you always have a spare tyre with you. Don’t think that just having it there is good enough either. The spare tyre needs to be in good condition and be inflated to the right pressure before you leave, otherwise it will be about as useful as having no tyre there at all.

Get to a tire shop and check your tyre wear before setting out When you’re driving for many hours at a time, tyres often heat up to the point that there can be a risk of worn out tyres blowing out. Another thing to check for is uneven tyre wear, as this could indicate an underlying problem like uneven alignment, incorrect suspension or wheel balancing problems. These will only get worse after driving for long distances, and can put you at risk on the road, so it’s best to get them sorted well in advance.

Carry a toolkit with you A roadside toolkit is an essential part of any responsible car owner’s luggage when taking a road trip. As well as the general list of tools needed to make on-the-fly repairs, make sure your toolkit has a tyre pressure gauge in there as well. It will enable you to check that your tyres are still inflated to the right pressure, even when there are no service stations around.

Get the right tyres for your particular vehicle If you’ve recently rented or bought a caravan or motor home for your trip, check that it’s fitted with heavy-duty tyres that are actually intended for heavier vehicles like RVs. Remember, taking the time out to check our tyres before leaving will be a lot cheaper and a lot less hassle than having your car towed if worst comes to worse and you need to get your car towed.

For more advice on how to get your tyres ready for a long drive, speak to the experts at a reputable tyre retailer, such as Dunlop Super Dealer. You can also check out all of their helpful tips and advice online, which cover everything from checking your tyres to ensuring your wheel alignment is correct.

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